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20 Jun 2012

REGIONALE12 in Murau

©REGIONALE12, Photo: Nikola Milatovic

REGIONALE12 in Murau


Opening Days: Murau, 22 June 2012 St. Lambrecht, 23 June 2012 Krakau, 24 June 2012

Michael Pelitz
+43 676 848119848

regionale – Organisations GmbH
Feuerbachgasse 10
8020 Graz

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REGIONALE is the follow-up of the styrian state exhibitions. Since its foundation in 2008 the biennial for contemporary art has taken place twice. Its aim is to generate discourse and debates on the meaning of 'region' in general and specifically of that region, which has been awarded. In the year 2012 it will take place in district of Murau. Murau is one of the most densely wooded areas and one of those with the highest demographic retrogressions in Styria. Therefore the region is confronted with many challenges: economic competition, mobility and new forms of social life/diversity, which collides which a long social continuum.

The program of REGIONALE12 follows the leitmotif 'Stadt.Land.Fluss.' - a title borrowed from the German parlor game 'City.County.River'. Can one still speak of 'old' rural qualities? Or the dividing concept of the urban and the rural as industrialization generated? How new or even exemplary concepts are applicable in the Murau District form the scope of the program, which will equally address both the future of the district as well as the 'now' in a global sense. For more than one year, three topics and three spacial „centres' with 25 projects (exhibitions, perfomances and interventions) and approximately 200 participants have been involved in the process of the realization of REGIONALE12.
31 days of REGIONALE12 kick off with a three-day opening celebration, beginning on June 22 in the Town of Murau, continuing on the 23rd in St. Lambrecht and Oberwoelz, and moving on through St. Ruprecht and Ramingstein in Lungau, into Krakautal valley on the 24th.

List of Artists: Aramis, Peter Androsch, Songül Boyraz, Laura Bruce, Nin Brudermann, Martin Dickinger, Eva Elfferding, Jeanne Faust/Jörn Zehe, ganzblum, Martin Gusinde, Peter Fattinger/Veronika Orso, Peter Fend, Oliver Hangl, Jeppe Hein, Horst Maria (Christiane Peschek und Markus Blaha), Florian Hüttner & Ralf Weißleder, Ila, Christian Jankowski, Daniel Jarosch, Willi Jungmeier, Angelika Kampfer, Christoph Keller, Folke Köbberling/Martin Kaltwasser, Klaus Lang, R Sabine Maier (MACHFELD), Ralo Mayer, Bronisław Malinowski, Eva Meyer-Keller & Sybille Müller, Josh Müller, Not An Alternative, Nils Norman, Andrea Polli, Marjetica Potrc and students Design for Living Worlds/HfBK/Hamburg, Pelechian, Eko Prawoto, raumlabor, Oliver Ressler, Ravaged Rise, Rigo 23, Pipilotti Rist, Tex Rubinowitz, Stefano Savona, Gerriet K. Scharma, Heidi Schatzl, Klaus Schafler, Hans Schabus, Robert Schabus, Anna Schrefl, Andreas Staudinger, Saba Skabernè, Heimo Wallner, Weather Permitting, Josef Wurm, Elisa Vladilo, Martin Zrost, and many more...