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22 Apr 2012

Call for Applications: Sound Development City

Jonas Voegeli, Hubertus Design

Sound Development City
Heller Enterprises


APPLY NOW! Sound Development City: Summer Expeditions Application Deadline: 27 April 2012 Berlin - London - Zurich

Gesa Schneider
0041 43 233 91 37
0041 43 233 91 38

Heller Enterprises
Giessereistrasse 5
8005 Zürich

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Call for Applications:
Sound Development City

Information and application at

Sound Development City is a new project which enables a close exchange between artists of various backgrounds.

In the course of summer expeditions to Berlin, London and Zurich, selected artists from the areas of music, performance and other cultural fields experience and revive urban spaces. The dernier cri is the focus of these expeditions – it allows for an independent exploration of themes and modes of expression in the perception of the three cities. The work resulting from this exploration will in part be shown in public.

Participants are chosen on the basis of their application. Deadline for applications is 27 April 2012. The number of participants is limited to 10. Participation for the selected artists is free of charge and made possible by Sound Development.

Berlin: 15.08.-18.08.2012

London: 05.09.-08.09.2012

Zürich: 26.09.-29.09.2012

'All the rage - the dernier cri: How can we joyfully subvert the latest hype? And what happens when the phrase is taken literally? Images of war and revolution emerge before the mind's eye, but also the global emblems of the financial crises and the occupy movement. The 'latest' cry is also the final one, the end – which in turn gives rise to a new beginning. In the interstice between we look for: new positions and unexpected approaches.' (Andalus/Dada, Artistic directors)