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24 Apr 2012

Anne Percoco: The Life Instinct at NURTUREart

Anne Percoco. The Life Instinct, slide-show, 2012

Anne Percoco: The Life Instinct
NURTUREart Gallery


April 27 - May 29, 2012 Opening Reception:
Fri. April 27, 7-9PM

Rachel Steinberg
+1 (718) 782 7755
+1 (718) 569 2086

NURTUREart Gallery
56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn NY 11206

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NURTUREart is pleased to present The Life Instinct, a solo exhibition by Anne Percoco. Celebrating makeshift solutions, survival instincts, and the reuse of discarded material, Percoco's work infuses practical works inspired by immediate necessity with playfulness and wit. Inspired equally by children's couch forts and makeshift emergency shelters, the artist uses scavenged and natural materials to construct a small, inhabitable hut in the gallery space, presenting it together with a photographic slide-show documenting her initial experiments with similar miniature shelters.

As part of her solo exhibition at NURTUREart, Percoco presents a publication conceived as a catalog of repaired objects. The publication is part of an in-progress body of work that investigates how value is lost and reclaimed and how re-purposed objects can shift, sometimes humorously, from one role to another.

Through the duration of the exhibition, guest artists (including Eric Clausen, Marek and Kristyna Milde, Sewing Rebellion NYC, and Fixers Collective) will lead a series of public, interactive skill-sharing workshops promoting resourcefulness and self-sufficiency.