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08 Apr 2012

Art, Crisis, Subversion. The politics of aesthetics - New publication out now!

(c) transcript publishers Bielefeld (Kordula Röckenhaus and Sebastian Lasinger)

Art, Crisis, Subversion. The politics of aesthetics
Subversive Fair Linz


Out now at transcript publishers, Bielefeld. With contributions of various artists who participated at the Subversive Fair in Linz 2009 and art theorists and philosophers.

Michael Kraft

Social Impact AG
Elisabethstraße 1
4020 Linz

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Art and subversion, is there still a relevant connection between these two? Does art have the potential of subverting given social and political conditions or has it lost its role of providing space for societal negotiations? Can aesthetic practice open up spaces of utopia and emancipation and how can we conceptualize its relation to politics?

The publication “Kunst, Krise, Subversion” approaches the topic and potential of subversion and art from a theoretical as well as an artistic perspective. Philosophers and art theorists on the one hand and artists who were present at the Subversive Fair in Linz 2009 on the other hand discuss the relationship between art, politics and subversion from different theoretical and territorial standpoints. In doing so, they bring to light interactions between art, politics, society and the economy and let alternative approaches emerge.

First publication in German of an interview with Jacques Rancière.

Forthcoming book presentation event:
Depot Wien, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna, Austria: 23 April 2012, 7pm.

Book available at: