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04 Apr 2012

Julião Sarmento's project at EMPTY CUBE, Lisbon



'Auto-retrato/Self-portrait' by Julião Sarmento will be online at the EMPTY CUBE website after the unique presentation, with an essay, some images and a short video of the project.
April 10th 2012 - One Night Exhibition from 09.30 pm to 11.30 pm - Unique presentation

João Silvério
+351 919379652

Rua Acácio Paiva, 27 R/c
1700-004, Lisbon

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The project Julião Sarmento will bring to EMPTY CUBE on 10 April 2012 was especially conceived for this event, which will consist of a single, unrepeatable presentation. The project will be shown to the public for two hours, but its full duration will be of five hours, entirely recorded on video. This video recording will be made available only to the artist, who will decide on its eventual use.

'Auto-retrato/Self-portrait' is a piece that proposes a revaluation of the image's status in terms of its historical correlative until the present time, when its recognition and legitimation sometimes bring into question the appropriation and heteronomy the artist imposes on us.

This project was made in close collaboration with Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (Lisbon, Portugal) and the Appleton Square gallery.


Created in 2007, EMPTY CUBE is an independent non-commercial project. It has as its objective the presentation of visual arts projects that respond to a specifically closed, empty and reduced space over the course of an evening.

Following our nomadic profession, as of March 2009, Empty Cube will be located within Appleton Square contemporary art gallery ( - Rua Acácio Paiva, 27 R/c, 1700-004, Lisbon, Portugal.