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18 Apr 2012

TinT gallery: New Golden Era Exhibition - Nikos Papadimitriou / Yannis Theodoropoulos

N. Papadimitriou, U.S.Bombers, 2011. Oil on Canvas, 200x300 cm
Y. Theodoropoulos, Untitled, 2011. Digital print, 27x40 cm

New Golden Era - Nikos Papadimitriou / Yannis Theodoropoulos
TinT gallery


31st March – 5th May 2012 Opening hours: Wednesday & Saturday 12 - 4 pm, Thursday & Friday 12 - 9 pm

Machi Pesmatzoglou
+30 2310 235689
+30 2310 220191

TinT gallery
13 Chrys. Smyrnis str.
546 22 Thessaloniki

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New Golden Era
31st March – 5th May 2012

A 'New Golden Era' which we hope will dawn or the period which we are going through with characteristic aggressiveness / antagonism / greed?

In the context of their joint exhibition at TinT gallery entitled 'New Golden Era', NIKOS PAPADIMITRIOU talks in his paintings, sculptures and engravings of the cover-up and transition of aggression, violence and antagonism from the fields of battle to sports and professional track and field athletics.
YANNIS THEODOROPOULOS detects situations, trends, targets and spoils in his photographs. In many of his images the visible side of things, although recognizable, show distortions and deteriorations. The continued testing on the size of the photographed objects and the odd angles he chooses, give rise to unexpected, surreal episodes.
The two together describe a deadend path.
'My work focuses on competitive human nature. On our need to discover games and to establish rules from the old days up to now in different fields. From a tennis court or baseball field, which define the boundaries of a game, to the 'serious games' that go beyond the rules of our society, such as war' (N. Papadimitriou).
'As the end nears, the price of gold will attain mythic dimensions, symbols which the western man has cast aside, will return to the forefront, the moment everything becomes numbers and love is lost, the heroes with the golden helmets wielding mighty swords will return again' (Y. Theodoropoulos).

NIKOS PAPADIMITRIOU was born in Chios in 1971. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1991 - 1996) and at the Kent Institute of Art & Design (postgraduate studies in visual communication), Kent, UK (1999 - 2000). He has presented his work in solo and group shows in Greece and abroad. Works by N. Papadimitriou are to be found in public and private collections and in the Intercontinental, 21, and Periscope Hotels in Athens. Lives and works in Athens.
YANNIS THEODOROPOULOS was born in Athens in 1963. He studied at the Goldsmith's College, London (1997 – 1998) and at the Focus School of Photography in Athens (1989 - 1990). He has presented his work in solo and group shows in Greece and abroad. Works Y. Theodoropoulos are to be found in public and private collections. Lives and works in Athens.

TinT gallery
13 Chrys. Smyrnis st., GR-546 22 Thessaloniki
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