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03 Apr 2012

THE DENSITY OF LIGHT exhibition by Gabriel Dawe at the Galerie Lot 10, Brussels

Plexus No. 4
Kevin Todora

The Density of Light
Galerie Lot 10


Exhibition Opening:
12 April 2012 / 6-9pm Exhibtion Continues:
13 April-9 June 2012 Opening Time: Thurs-Sat: 12.30am-7pm and on appointment

Stella-Désirée Bosch
+ 32 (0)2 647 74 59
+ 32 (0)2 647 98 46

Galerie Lot 10
15 rue Lanfray
1050 Brussels

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Gallery Lot 10 presents 'The Density of Light' by Gabriel Dawe which runs April 12th through June 9th. This is Dawe's first exhibition at the gallery and debut solo show in the Benelux.

The artist will create two new site-specific installations, Plexus No. 13 and Plexus No. 14, composed entirely of sewing thread. Occupying two rooms in the gallery, these installations will create environments that explore the nature of light, its hidden structure and its material and tactile qualities. The physical quality of the thread will create an ethereal structure that exists between the material and the immaterial, an effect that plays with the perceptions of the viewers. Composed with the full spectrum of color, these installations portray the invisible order behind the apparent chaos of nature; just as the same colors come together to form a ray of light. Alongside the installations, Dawe will show some of his 'Relic' pieces, which are works created with the thread from previous installations by the artist.

To commemorate Dawe's first show at the gallery, Lot 10 is producing a limited edition booklet with an overview of the previous installations of the Plexus series. The edition will consist of 150 copies and 50 artist proofs.

Dawe, born and raised in Mexico City, began to explore embroidery and textiles in 2005, a few years after he moved to Montreal, Canada. These activities intrigued the artist from an early age, which as a boy in a macho society were forbidden practices reserved to women. His work not only challenges social constructions but also symbolize the complicated network of connections between ideas and people. Miles of thread dance between extreme contact points in the room, creating a mesmerizing manufactured rainbow.

Gabriel Dawe resides in Dallas, Texas and received his M.F.A. from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2011. His work has been exhibited in Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, and London. A signing of the artist's limited and numbered edition catalogue will occur during the exhibition's opening.