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27 Mar 2012

Cornerhouse presents BETWEEN

Hayley Newman



Elisa Ruff

70 Oxford Street
Manchester M1 5NH
United Kingdom

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BETWEEN is a season of new performance art commissions taking place in Cornerhouse's empty gallery spaces in the time between exhibitions. Three events will take place in March, June and September 2012, featuring new performances by Hayley Newman, Trisha Baga, Annika Ström, Louise Adkins, Ruth Barker, Helen Collet and Lois Macdonald.

Between aims to explore the varied approaches of contemporary female performance artists. Based on a series of legendary performance events called Between at the Düsseldorf Kunsthalle from 1969 – 1973, the central idea is to make use of the gaps between exhibitions for short, additional, experimental activity. The Between programme at Cornerhouse will present one-off events, responding to the specific context of the galleries in change-over.

Between is curated by Louise Adkins, associate curated by The International 3 in partnership with MIRIAD

Between 1: Commissions by Hayley Newman & Patricia Baga

The first Between presents work by Hayley Newman and Trisha Baga. Hayley Newman will introduce Facing. Filled with crates, tools, paint and wood, the incoming and outgoing exhibitions share the space of the upper gallery of Cornerhouse for one night only. Held in transition, these objects become the set for a performance with many faces. The audience is encouraged to look to, from, between and at each other: a wink, a twitch, a frown and a smile. Newman is one of Britain's leading performance artists and is committed to working creatively around the current economic, social, and ecological crises.

Trisha Baga will present Pedestrian Mysticism, a new improvisatory work that uses video projection as a set, a prop and a character. The artist takes on the roles of director, screenwriter, editor, actor and location scout in her 'performative screenings'. Based in New York, Baga has exhibited and performed internationally including exhibitions and performances at LAXART, Los Angeles, Vilma Gold, London, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain and at PS1 New York.

Fri 30 Mar 2012
19:00 - 21:00
FREE, Booking required:

Between 2: Commissions by Annika Ström and Louise Adkins

For Between 2, artists Annika Ström and Louise Adkins will, for one night only, take over Gallery 3. Ström will present The Inept Five, a performance featuring five student actors who will stand in as extras for the evening, supporting the event and 'helping out' in a highly unexpected way. Originally from Sweden, Ström lives and works between the UK and Berlin. Recent exhibitions include projects for Frieze Art Fair in London, as well as solo shows in Turin, Paris, and Stockholm.

Louise Adkins will present Material Balance, a re-enactment of the legendary 1972 world chess championship clash between the American challenger Bobby Fischer and Soviet champion Boris Spassky. Billed as the battle between 'good and evil', this most famous of all chess matches will be recreated in Gallery 3 by local junior players. Adkins has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and Europe and is currently working as Artist/Curator of Between. She lives and works in Manchester and is Curator of the Between series.

Fri 8 Jun 2012
19:00 - 21:00
FREE - booking required:

Between 2: Commissions by Ruth Barker, Lois Macdonald and Helen Collett at Cornerhouse

For Between3, Ruth Barker, Helen Collett and Lois Macdonald will explore a personalised sonic environment and a claustrophobic CCTV installation. Ruth Barker's performance work involves scripting and memorising substantial literary monologues that draw on classical or mythological narratives to remake them as resonant, current, events. She uses traditional techniques of mnemonic and storytelling to create challenging new performance works in a visual arts context.

Helen Collett and Lois Macdonald have been working together as artists and curators since December 2008. Their partnership formed when they took over curating the Link Gallery, Manchester. Since then, they have created the Free For Arts Festival, simultaneously working on a large-scale solo exhibition in an unused archway which resulted in their first performative video work; a process which now dominates their working practice. Since then their videos and installations have been exhibited in various group exhibitions.

Fri 21 Sep 2012
19:00 - 21:00
FREE, Booking required:

Seminar: Collecting Performance Art

Part of Between
Join us for a seminar that will explore the challenges of collecting an art form which by its very nature is ephemeral and resists commodification. An expert panel will debate the issues, asking how and why it should be collected.

Panel members: Teresa Calonje (co-founder of 'Collecting Live Art'); Robert Lee (co-founder of The Collective); Hayley Newman (performance artist); Laurence Lane and Paulette Terry Brien (co-Directors of The International 3); and Louise Adkins (Artist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Art at MMU).

Collecting Performance Art is organised by Contemporary Art Society and The International 3. It is supported by: Arts Council of England, MIRIAD , Cornerhouse ,The International 3 and Contemporary Art Society

The Annexe
Sat 31 Mar 2012
14:00 - 16:00
FREE / Booking required: