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16 Mar 2012

Sale of contemporary Arab, Turkish and Iranian photography at CMOOA's

MOUNIR FATMI - Between the lines, 2010

On March 24, 2012 at 5.00 pm


March 24, 2012 at 5.00pm
Public exhibitions from Monday, March 19, to Friday, March 23, from 9.00am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 7.00pm
Auctioneer: Françoise Caste-Deburaux, Paris.
The catalog of the sale is available online:

Alexandre Aublanc
+ 212 (0) 6 03 07 63 66
+ 212 (0) 5 22 39 85 54

6, avenue des Tilleuls (ex Boulogne)
Quartier de l'Hippodrome
20 330 Casablanca

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CASABLANCA, March 6, 2012 - The Moroccan Company of Art Works and Items is happy to announce that the international contemporary art auction will be held on Saturday, March 24, 2012.

In keeping with the sales policy started in 2008, CMOOA intends to take up the challenge of bringing together in one auction some of the best works of international contemporary arts.
This has been achieved based on the exceptional quality pieces of international museum standards, which have been selected for this prestige auction.
Between painting, photography, installation and sculpture, this auction will feature over fifty lots. Ranging from the representations of exile, to identity issues, esthetics of violence and the worship of images in contemporary society, the variety of topics addressed shows the creative ferment in today's world.

Most notable among the lots is the monumental work “Wild Thing” by artist David Mach. Representing a bear entirely made from clothes hangers, this work was on display at the 1st edition of Marrakech Art Fair where it gained great public support.

Another star, the “Bodyhammer” by Robert Longo promises to be fiercely contested. Through this imposing revolver pointed at the observer, the artist denounces the attraction to weapons and the upsurge of violence in the contemporary world. The esthetics of violence also shows in Gonçalo Mabunda's work, which is the result of the transformation of the weapons retrieved at the end of the civil war of Mozambique, into art items.

The African scene will thus be notably represented by a set of quality works by the figureheads of African art. While portraitists Jean Depara and Malick Sidibé have chosen to show an independent carefree Africa in snapshots from that period, William Wilson has chosen to recall the history of colonization in a set of 18 draperies entitled “the Black Ocean”. Bidders will also be given the opportunity to purchase exceptional works such as “J'aime la couleur" (I like color), where Chéri Samba self-portrayed himself to denounce ambient racism. As for Chérin Chérin, he addresses the “challenges of globalization” in a canvas with bright and luminous colors where the artist delivers an amusing point of view made in Africa, on globalization. “Concert de la Sape” by Pierre Bodo will also be put on sale during this groundbreaking appointment: the artist warns us against the threat represented by the worship of appearance for individual freedom. “Miss Rata" and "Cherry", famous masks by Romuald Hazoumè made from gas cans and recycled materials, will also be offered for sale.

Between social satire, political discourse and popular art, these talented artists use humor as a formidable weapon to provide their perception of today's world and of the way the rest of the world looks at Africa.

Also on the auction block are “The caravan 4, 2005”, “Le sacre du printemps” and “Otabenga 9, 2009” by German artist Jasper De Beijer, where the artist recreates his own vision of historical facts. Result: exceptional and powerful works showing the artist's permanent search for truth.

Another flagship section of the auction, the contemporary art scene from the Arab world will be represented by major artists such as Mounir Fatmi, who questions the relationship between the art and the sacred in “Labyrinth” and “Between the lines”, a powerful work representing a Sourate cut out in a steel blade.

Youssef Nabil will also be represented at this auction with “You never left VIII”, a work drawn from the eponymous movie. Using this particular technique halfway between photography and painting, Youssef Nabil draws up a striking parallel between exile and death.
Still in the topic of exile, the installation “Bukhara” will take us into the minimalistic and uncluttered world of Mona Hatoum. Here, the carpet symbolizes the “home” the migrant always carries with them.

As part of his project “Tinkering the incurable”, the works “Love Supreme, 2007” and “Never Basta (Prayer), 2011” by Mohamed El Baz, will also be offered for sale.
Zakaria Ramhani and Sami Al Karim address the Arab spring, each with their own artistic sensibility. While Zakaria Ramhani recalls in “Bye Bye Hosni” the revolutionary events which occurred in Egypt in 2011, Sami Al Karim, using a powerful set of images, questions in “Aurs Al-Arab” the relationship between the political turmoil in the Arab world and the events which are currently affecting global economy. As to adhere most closely to the social and political reality of her country, Iranian artist Elika Hedayat denounces the greed of men towards power, in a political and committed work as well.

The Turkish contemporary scene has also pride of place with renowned artists such as Burçak Bingöl and her “Barbie” made of ceramics and Ferhat Deniz, represented by a large canvas exploring the topic of memory, dreams and men's life limitations. Azade Köker questions in “The city Labyrinth” the excesses caused by a globalization valuing profit at the expense of human relationships.

Reflecting different cultures and experiences, these works echo one another in the universality and topicality of the issues raised, promising to make this auction an unprecedented moment of discovery.

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