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23 Mar 2012

Inside at BLANKSPACE, Manchester

Blank Media Collective


Public Preview:
29 March 2012, 6-9pm Exhibtion Continues:
30 March-29 April 2012 Opening Times:
Wed-Sun: 11am-5pm | Thurs: 11am-7pm

Kate Charlton
+44 161 222 6164

43 Hulme Street
Manchester, M15 6AW

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Participating artists: Claudia Borgna, Philip Cheater, Drop Collective, Gill Greenhough, Rosie Leventon, David Ogle, Emily Rubner, Liz West and Chris Wright

Within the insular and atmospheric setting of BLANKSPACE gallery, Inside explores the psychological connections we form with our environment, placing the participant within a collection of works that disturb, envelop, and engage. All the works featured in this exhibition are united by themes of absence, loss, memory, fantasy and nostalgia, sparking the imagination and placing the participant both physically and mentally within the viewing space.

Kate Charlton, Blank Media Collective's Lead Curator states; 'Inside gives us the opportunity to bring together a collection of artworks which are going to encourage the audience to interact with pieces in a new and different way. This is an ambitious exhibition, bringing together an eclectic range of artists helping them to showcase works that may not have otherwise have been realised. Inside will set a precedent to what will be another exciting year for the organisation.'

To accompany the exhibition, there will be a hand-made publication featuring short prose and poetry inspired by the exhibition themes. Collating the work of twelve emerging writers, each of the pieces creates a perfect accompaniment to the exhibition experience.

'For me, Inside questions the nature of experiencing an object in space, a primary concern of my practice and one that must be considered when using light as an artistic medium. Light rests on the border between the material and the immaterial, visually perceptible but without physical mass, a volume of light captured in space, an altered perception of materiality and permanence.' David Ogle, Artist

'I am thrilled as well as apprehensive to see how the viewers will relate to the work but certainly looking forward to this step and hopefully to open new doors.' Claudia Borgna, Artist

Inside follows Blank Media Collective's inaugural and highly successful exhibition, The Title Art Prize, Manchester's newest contemporary art competition celebrating emerging talent across the UK. Launching at BLANKSPACE gallery, Manchester on Thursday 29 March (6-9pm) and bringing together the work of nine emerging contemporary artists from across the UK and Internationally, this exhibition promises to be challenging and thought provoking. Throughout the exhibition there will be a series of workshops, talks and tours for the public, concluding on 29 April 2012.