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07 Mar 2012

Monolith/ life - Aglaia Konrad and Willem Oorebeek

Photo: Angertal, by Aglaia Konrad and Willem Oorebeek, video, 17.47 min.

Monolith/ life
Sint-Lukasgalerie Brussels


09.03.2012 til 21.04.2012 Opening: 08 March, 6 PM Tue - Fr: 10:00 - 17:00, Sa: 13:00 - 17:00 Closed from 07.04.2012 til 17.04.2012

Filip Luyckx
0032 2 250 11 66

Sint-Lukasgalerie Brussels
Paleizenstraat 70
1030 Brussels

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In 'Monolith/ life' Aglaia Konrad (°1960 – Salzburg, AT) and Willem Oorebeek (1953 – Pernis, NL) join forces in a joint exhibition for the second time. Both artists live and work in Brussels, and Aglaia is connected to Sint-Lukas University College of Art and Design as professor.

Starting point of the exhibition, meant as a sequel to their previous presentation at Villa Romana (Firenze), is a film Aglaia made in 2010 concerning the marble quarries of Carrara. The film is part of the cycle 'Concrete & Samples', all in 16mm, devoted to the concept of sculptural architecture. The cycle will be displayed fully. Furthermore the exhibition thematizes the presentation of film itself by using an installation-based, spatial organization in cooperation with architect Kris Kimpe

'Angertal', made by them both, will premiere at the Sint-Lukasgalerie in an installation made especially for this work. The film records the architecture of ant colonies at a biotope in Austria.

Using photographic media and film concerning architecture and the social space, Aglaia investigates structures of urban space and urbanistic analyses. Oorebeek spent his last thirty years working with forms of perception, medial images and printed media.