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07 Mar 2012

Hungarian University of Fine Arts: Visiting Artists Seminars

Hajnal Németh: CRASH - Passive Interview, installation view, Hungarian Pavilion, Giardini, Venice, 2011

Mapping the Local and Site Specific Interventions in Public Space
Hungarian University of Fine Arts



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MKE / Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Andrássy út 69-71
1062 Budapest

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The Hungarian University of Fine Arts
continues its visiting artists seminars in the framework of the courses
Mapping the Local and Site Specific Interventions in Public Space

2012 February 23.
Tibor Szemző: Music based moving images
The composer, musician and filmmaker Tibor Szemző will present excerpts from his film projects including the work-in-progress 'K.engravings' and will discuss the inter-relationship and processes involved in working with image, sound and music.

2012 March 1.

Andreas Fogarasi: Vasarely go home
'Vasarely go home', the title of Fogarasi's latest project, refers to an early example
of Institutional Critique in Hungary, János Major's action during the opening of
Victor Vasarely's retrospective in 1969 in Budapest.
In his works Fogarasi critically analyses the aestheticisation and economization of urban space and the role of architecture and the cultural field in contemporary society.
Incorporating video, sculpture and installation in wide-sweeping discursive webs
he is investigating fault lines in historiography, Imagineering, and the creation of cultural identities.

2012 March 22.
Ilona Németh: Footnote/ Dialogue about a (cancelled) exhibition
The lecture presents the artist's recent exhibition in Budapest which left the space of the Ernst Museum completely empty as a critical reflection on recent Hungarian cultural policy.
Dilemma - a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives,
especially equally undesirable ones: a difficult situation or problem
Logic an argument forcing an opponent to choose either of two unfavorable alternatives.

2012 March 8.

Hajnal Németh: Crash, Contrawork and False Confession

The lecture presents three recent works of the artist by focusing on the stages of production,
the potentials of collaboration between artists and musicians,
as well as the coupling of genres and on the genre of experimentation.

2012 April 19.

János Sugár: The tradition of censorship - success/unsuccess in public art
During the Cold War the main message of the culture was demonstrating freedom, and art has taken this freedom, of course, in new directions, like media/social/political/global awareness.
The Cold War is over, the system-crisis is here, and the ideology of openness is getting
replaced by control. In politics there is a change in general attitude toward art/culture:
The critical competence of art is questioned now by populists everywhere in many local dialects.

2012 April 26.

Peter De Hertog: Respect tradition but translate into a contemporary language
Don't concentrate on the proportions, take care about the many other aspects of drawing.
Everyone can draw, like everybody can learn how to cook (as long as you respect the recipe).'
Peter will present two practical sessions with a model.

The lectures will take place on Thursdays at 16:30 at the MKE Hungarian University of Fine Arts, DLA lecture room, Budapest, 1063, Bajza u. 30. (Entrance: Kmety Gy. u. 27.)