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21 Dec 2012

Net Art - Artists take over the network / MCD#69

Cover picture: Olia Lialina 'Agatha Appears' 1997

Net Art - WJ-SPOTS#2 - Artists take over the network - MCD#69
MCD - Musiques et Cultures Digitales




Musiques et Cultures Digitales
8 rue du Général Renault
75011 Paris

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Net Art - Artists take over the network / MCD#69

The artists, critics, researchers and curators invited to contribute to this publication are giving us the keys, references and insights to comprehend the various art forms that coexist on the net, in its interstices and its peripheries.

From an artistic point of view, the authors reflect upon what has taken place on the internet in the last two decades, and express how they perceived, experienced and lived through this era. From a social, political and artistic point of view, the contributors tell us:

- how the network changed their relationship to the world, time and space,
- how it transformed their uses, practices and ways of thinking
- how it became a space for sharing, exchanging and creating.

In a prospective approach, they are forecasting the coming years, wondering if the internet can stay a territory worth exploring in the future and if it will still be a fertile ground to produce hybrid art forms in which the physical and virtual worlds merge, rub off on each other and collide. The contributors also present a selection of websites they regard as significant, iconic and essential. Internet has become a space of creation and exhibition and this publication is an invitation to discover major art pieces, accessible for free on the web.

With the participation of:
Alejo Duque, Alessandro Ludovico, Ana Carvalho, Andrès Lozano a.k.a Loz, Atau Tanaka, Aymeric Mansoux, Brad Tromel, Brian Mackern, Carl.Y & Laboiteblanche (((NOMUSIC))), Christiane Paul, Constant Dullaart, Daniil (Danja) Vasiliev, Daphne Dragona, David Blair, Dean Whitbread, Domenico Quaranta, Evan Roth, Franck Ancel, Geert Lovink, Genco Gülan, Géraldine Gomez, Gordan Saviçic, Gwenola Wagon & Stéphane Degoutin, Hans Bernhard, Heath Bunting, I-Wei Li, Igor Sˇtromajer, Jean- Baptiste Bayle, Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, Jodi, Julien Levesque, Julien Ottavi, Karen Dermineur (KRN), Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir, Maja Kalogera, Maria Ptqk, Marie Petit, Michaël Sellam, Miltos Manetas, Mindaugas Gapsˇevicˇius, Nicolas Malevé, Paula Perissinotto, Pedro Soler, Per Platou, Raphaël Bastide & Yannick Antoine, Reynald Drouhin, Ricardo Mbarkho, Sakrowski, Shu Lea Cheang, Stanza, Stéphan Barron, Thomas Cheneseau, Thomson & Craighead, Yves Bernard.

Invited Chief Editor: Anne Roquigny
Editorial Director: Anne-Cécile Worms
Chief Editor: Laurent Diouf

With its partners : Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / Orange