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04 Dec 2012

The Hackney Cut presents Magda Blasinska & Tim Adams

'Cascade' (detail) by Tim Adams. Ink on paper. 841 x 594 mm

Exhibition: Magda Blaskinska / Tim Adams
The Hackney Cut


Exhibition Private View:
6:30 - 9:30pm Thursday 6 December
Exhibition open from
6 Dec 2012 - 6 Jan 2013
The Hackney Cut is open
Thurs - Sun 6pm until late

Sarah Leslie

The Hackney Cut
Corner Beachy and Roach Roads
Fish Island, Hackney Wick,
London E3 2PA

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The Hackney Cut is proud to present the work of two artists, Magda Blasinska and Tim Adams. Though Blasinska and Adams are diverse in aesthetic, both artists take a similar approach and engagement with the process of manipulating their chosen mediums. Their engagement with the process of mark making, and pushing of the potential of their materials show both a contrast and coalescence between their works.

Magda Blasinska's painting explores the potential of art material – particularly oils – and is central to her studio practice. Her process of painting, conducted by both logic and intuition, results in a retrogressive process of erasing precious forms and terminating layers. The painting remains in an ongoing process until the different elements explain the continuity through shape, layers, ornaments and movement.

Magda treats painting as a two-way process of creative development. Her work is a constant dialogue between artist and canvas, between the internal and external, ever remaining present in her work.

Tim Adams's monochromatic drawing explores the directness of a pen to paper. His practice straddles a point between catharsis and compulsive obsession. His latest works are a departure from the character driven constructed landscapes/backdrops of repeated text, entangled line and half realised forms, and see Adams tackling more personal themes including deterioration and communication breakdown.