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04 Dec 2012

A*DESK Magazine #102

Distribution, the crux of the question


Supported by ICEC (Catalan Institute for the Cultural Companies) Generalitat de Catalunya – Government of Catalonia


+ 34 656829637

Josep Torres, 11
08012 Barcelona

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A*DESK, Independent Institute of Criticism and Contemporary Art, has published this autumn its issue number 102 focused on a theme considered crucial in this moments: distribution.

Our aim has been to explore the subject and we have gathered together a series of experiences, examples, case studies and initiatives that explore other forms of distribution. In the collection of experiences compiled into a video format our aim has not been to be exhaustive, but that the selection be representative. We have talked with Nogueras Blanchard, ProjecteSD, The Private Space, Raiña Lupa, etHall, Halfhouse, Homesession and Texto in Barcelona; with Negociosraros, Noestudio and Rampa in Madrid; with Castillo/Corrales and CAC Brétigny in Paris and with Supermarket in Stockholm.

With all of them we have discussed their relationship with other agents involved in the arts, the market and distribution, the need to think about formats, how they communicate and how they use Internet and, last but not least, the role of art.

A*DESK Magazine #102:

About A*DESK: A*DESK is the initiative of a group of contemporary art professionals. The mission of A*DESK is to vindicate actively the value of creative thought and to generate debate around art and contemporary culture.

A*DESK was founded, as a digital publication, in 2002 by Montse Badia and David G. Torres: as a platform for reflection, critical thought and debate about art and its manifestations.