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22 Jan 2012

Project Space Leeds: GLAMOURIE

David Steans and Harry Meadley

[PSL] Project Space Leeds


14 January - 31 March 2012

Zoe Sawyer

Whitehall Waterfront

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GLAMOURIE is an introduction to a more-or-less affiliated group of too-little-known contemporary British artists. Curated by artist David Steans, Glamourie will open on Friday 13th January 2012 and run until March 31st. An extensive accompanying publication will be released in March.

Lewis Spence (paraphrased): “In Celtic magic a ?glamourie’ temporarily warps the normal aspect of an object or area. Through this magical agency a primitive shack may be transformed so as to appear as a lordly castle, whilst a puddle nearby takes the form of a surrounding moat; rags might be temporarily glorified as resplendent robes, whilst leaves take the semblance of silver and gold. In the art exhibition Glamourie, common themes will surface, as will applications of ritual, ceremony, reciprocity and appropriation; but none of these will have proscribed its content. We will be privy to celebrations of the strange and pathetic, and to objects obsessive, mordant and morbid. The exhibition is reflexive and cross-pollinatory. One artwork may bleed into the next, whilst aesthetic and conceptual motifs are plucked from individual artists and fed back into the show. Glamourie seeks to appropriate and employ its constituent parts to fashion an entity wholly of its own atmosphere.”

Curated By David Steans featuring Simeon Barclay/ Joseph Buckley/ Sophie Carapetian/ Kitty Clark/ Matthew Crawley/ Chris Evans/ Johannes fa/ Josephine Flynn/ Jason Forrest/ Pil & Galia Kollectiv/ L Foundation/ Joseph Lewes/ Ant Macari/ Rory Macbeth/ Paul McDevitt/ Harry Meadley/ Harold Offeh/ Hardeep Pandhal/ Richard Rigg/ Leon Sadler/ Stefan Sadler/ Rhiannon Silver/ Iona Smith/ Paul Smith/ David Steans

Glamourie is an introduction to a more-or-less affiliated group of too-little-known contemporary British artists. An accompanying publication will be released in March.


Dark Heart > M1 by Chris Bloor < Derek Horton dates and times TBA

Allure, artifice, fakery and myth in the northern heart of darkness… The north seen from the south and the south from the north…
Magnetic possessions, veiled contradictions, irrational flights, occult mysteries and strange attractions…A series of performances and events reflecting and animating G L A M O U R I E.

'Snap Like A Diva' workshop by Harold Offeh

Harold Offeh will explore the glamourous world of snapping or clicking. Snapping is the process of clicking your fingers together in an ostentatious and often overtly attention seeking manner. Snapping is derived from the Black American gay sub-culture of the 80s and 90s and consists of a series of movements that allow people to communicate.