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22 Aug 2011

Resident 33: FRANCESCO PEDRAGLIO at Caribic Residency, Lisbon

2-day artist residency
Caribic Residency


Caribic Residency, 2-day artist residency Resident 33: Francesco Pedraglio 23 August, 15-18h 24 August, 15-18h & 21-23h


+ 351 912907519

Caribic Residency
Rua Diogo Do Couto 5a
1100-195 Lisboa

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So, let's say that he was. He was, and now he isn't any longer. This could be it. A start and an end point. Circular. Balanced. Stable. Meaningful in its simplicity. Actually…no! Better. Let's say that it was a she. So, she was. She was, and now she isn't any more. Don't get distracted by such triviality though. It was – it was a she – and now it isn't...that's it. This being certainly one of our character's primary features, it will not be the oddest yet. Far from it, actually. A body as inanimate as all the imaginable items surrounding it, as a stick or a rock, as a chair, a tin can, a vase, an ashtray, a coat-hanger or anything of that sort. All valuable scenarios, all at the same time. Imaginable at the same time. A cacophony of scenarios. A cluster. Incrusted. The character has been there before. She is there again, now, dropped somewhere – a table, a floor, a bathtub, a staircase, a bed, an armchair – cold, motionless, an object awaiting for the story to evolve, to begin or end, which, at this point – at the point reached by our protagonist, item in the midst of other items – is somehow the same.

Tuesday, 23 August, 15-18h
Wednesday, 24 August, 15-18h & 21h-23h

Caribic Residency

Caribic Residency is a nomadic Kunstverein and 2-day artist residency. Starting in a former Caribbean bar in Frankfurt in 2008, Caribic Residency has since moved annually, first to a former tax office in Hamburg, then to its current location, a former tile and bathroom showroom in Lisbon. Usually, the residencies are open to the public on two subsequent days during which we meet and share. The 2-day scenario allows for alteration or repetition, encouraging the immediacy of ideas and reciprocation. Caribic Residency has hosted lectures, work shops, performances, exhibitions, collaborations, walks, time based works or mixture of all.