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22 Aug 2011

'You All Fell For My Act' at Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

Jamie Warren, Untitled (Self Portrait, Yamamba Girls, Tokyo), 2007

You All Fell For My Act
Showroom MAMA


Artists: Ai Weiwei (CN, 1957), Evan Baden (US, 1985), Jaimie Warren (US, 1980), Kalup Linzy (US, 197 27 August - 16 October

Alyssa Mahler
+31 (0)10 233 2022

Showroom MAMA
Witte de Withstraat 29-31
3012 BL Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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Opening on 26 August 2011, the exhibition You All Fell For My Act is produced and curated by participants of the Rookies MA, MAMA's course for a new generation of art professionals.

Presently there are many possibilities to showcase yourself to large audiences - your images being received through vast global networks. In addition to the current popularity of talent shows the Internet has become a podium at everyone's disposal, where images circulate rapidly and behind the computer the whole world is a voyeur.

In You All Fell For My Act the power of the lens is explored - what do we chose to share and what do we not? Do you show yourself explicitly or different from prevailing norms, or conversely, conform to expectations? How do people react when the lens is focused on them? And how do artists use this lens to make a political statement?

The artists in You All Fell For My Act respond to stereotypes arising from contemporary image culture and utilize the power of rapid circulation of images on the Internet. They act from the margin, or focus on the large mass. They express their own relation to ruling norms and look at the way the public deal with such standards and rules.

The Exhibition You All Fell For My Act has been produced and curated by the second intake of participants of MAMA's Rookies MA. In 2009 the first intake of the Rookies MA presented their exhibition For Security Reasons. Through the Rookies MA course (the successor of Mr. Miyagi Curating Tomorrow course) aspiring young curators are given the opportunity to realize and create an exhibition from start to finish. Under the guidance of MAMA's staff and a variety of local and international guest lecturers the rookies MA course teaches many important aspects of curatorship including: fundraising, liaising with artists, communication, exhibition design, set-up and take down of exhibition, up to and including a final evaluation.

In addition to the exhibition You All Fell For My Act the Rookies MA present in collaboration with Wes West burger (NL, 1981) Wes and Mama's Quartet of Queer Experiences. This project is part of World of Witte de With international arts festival and runs from 9 -11 September 2011. Quartet of Queer Experiences is a collection of different acts including, a contemporary cabinet of curiosities, burlesque performances by PriNzessin Hans, and record attempts by macho man Duncan Allen. More information:

The Rookies MA 2010 - 2011 are: Benjamin Li (1985), Jesse van Oosten (1986), Kyra de Boer (1988), Naomi Oosterman (1989) en Thomas Molenaar (1984).

With special thanks to: Electronic Arts Intermix, Christine König Galerie, Vienna, De Wereld van Witte de With, 24 uur Cultuur, Duurt & Co Tentverhuur.

Rookies MA is supported by:
VSB Fonds & SNS Reaal Fonds