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07 Aug 2011

Launching of the book CUBA Contemporary Art

Launching of the book CUBA Contemporary Art
Global Arts Consulting



Global Arts Consulting
8800 SW 18 Terra Miami. FL.

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Soon, Turner and Ceiba editions will launch the book CUBA Contemporary Art. A unique book wich present the most recent local, international, controvertial, introverted and unknown contemporary art from the pearl of the Antilles. 59 Cuban Artists and 590 images. One of the most complete recopilation of contemporary cuban art scene at the moment.

This book is one of the best collections to date, of contemporary cuban art in recent times. The collected names like Alejandro Campins, Carlos Garaicoa, Lidzie Alvisa, Los Carpinteros, Michel Pérez (Pollo), Flavio Garciandía, Iván Capote, Yoan Capote, José Eduardo Yaque, Orestes Hernandez, Sandra Ceballos, Raul Cordero, Roberto Diago, Duvier del Dago, etc. up to a total of 59 artists, do that make this book a mandatory stopped to anyone who wants to know the cuban art.

Although it is very difficult to represent all artists in one book, we believe that as a reference, can serve as a good starting point for those who want to approach contemporary cuban art

Special Price for launching.
Take yours in advance. (Limited units)

Special Price now in GAC for launching.
Please for order in advance and more info contact:

Additional info.
Título CUBA Contemporary Art / Arte Contemporaneo
Páginas Aprox. 300
Dimensiones 29cm x 29cm
Artistas 59
Imagenes 590
Ejemplares 8,000
Publisher TURNER, CEIBA,
Distribución Cuba, Europe, North/Central/South America