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24 Jul 2011

Daily life & Mobility at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro

Image 1: Tania Queiroz, Caminhando, 2011
Image 2: Giodana Holanda, Lagoa em camadas, 2010-2011.

Daily life & Mobility (Cotidiano e Mobilidade)
Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage


Opening: 22nd July, 2011 From 23rd July to 28th August Open from 10am to 9 pm mon-sun

Giodana Holanda
+55 21 96213375
+55 21 32571822

Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage
Rua Jardim Botânico, 414
Rio de Janeiro

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Cotidiano e Mobilidade (Daily life & Mobility) was created four years ago in the Center for Arts and Technology of the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts (NAT-EAV Parque Lage) in Rio de Janeiro. In this exhibition 11 artists present personal and emotional maps promoting an intersection between art, life access and mobility, from capturing daily journeys with locative media. Thinking maps as narratives - that can be translated into texts, images and/or sound, the artists present its experiences and how they perceive city and urban life in different life cartographies.

Bia Amaral captures her daily journeys in Rio de Janeiro. Using apparently banal images in urban landscapes, repeated instant captures form reconstructed journeys in folding maps.

Giodana Holanda creates personal cartographies in spatial shapes as a way of representing different ways of looking at a place.

Jac Siano work begins at the bus stop near her home, and follows all bus lines which pass by that street - one of the busiest roads in the metropole of Rio de Janeiro. Following all lines trajectories Jac builds a narrative linking extremes and exposing dissonance between different places in the city.

Joy Till registers images in daily journeys related to how people communicate through visual signs in the city. Published in social networks, the images invite internet users to discuss the multiple ways in which the city is perceived and lived.

Juana Amorim goes back to her childhood trips looking through imagined and actual windows, recovering flashes and fragments of the past.

Juliana Franklin shows a series of works that investigate the relationship betweens drawings and body using her body as a metaphor of risk (same word for danger and sketch in portuguese), as a space of the non predictable, from mappings of scars that compose the geographies of the body.

Leandra Lambert presents performance and maps inspired in the intersection between the sea, the mountain and urban landscape in Copacabana, what she call the three 'Atlanticas' - the street (bordering the sea, Avenida atlantica is named after the forest), the forest and the ocean - using images, written narratives and sound.

Lia Sarno's work talks about loss - of values, looks and ideas - in the modern world. Her work aims to recover losses through archives, registers and maps of the past.

Lidice Matos propose a narrative from mixing urban flows and ways in which fluidness and conflict are perceived in the city.

Marianna Olinger creates an imagined concrete from images captured in trips through the Americas between 2009 and 2011, where the body appears as experience and impacted by the different realities.

Tania Queiroz register passages in a road in the state of Rio de Janeiro and a river in the state of Mato Grosso, the artist presents this two apparently radically different ways not as focus of interest, but as passages.

About the group

Cotidiano e Mobilidade is a group of artists formed by Bia Amaral, Giodana Holanda, Jacqueline Siano, Joy Till, Juana Amorim, Juliana Franklin, Leandra Lambert, Lia Sarno, Lídice Matos, Marianna Olinger e Tânia Queiroz, that aims to create narratives from experience mappings and daily journeys, through a network that connects images and ideas – captured mostly by locative media, that are later shared through social internet networks focused on urban life and the mobility are.

Cotidiano/ Daily life, is experienced not only through the expression of repetition, ordinary, or programmed, but through daily activities used as tactics for reinventing the space of the city, building very specific and personal histories. This histories are built from experiences of walking, working, shopping, transporting. The act of doing, often invisible, is revealed through narratives and mappings created from registering such practices.

Mobilidade/ Mobility in a time marked by the fluidity in which we move either in material or immaterial networks, flows become dominants, generating an urban organization that presents itself lees as form and more as a continuous process. In this context, we create a network on connections using mobile phones to capture daily experiences in the cities. Each member of the group shares its views of the city ends through mobile phones provoking discussion around city life and forming a collective database that will be the source the narrative and maps to be built by the group.

Mapeamentos/ Mappings In the space produced by the flows of people, objects and information we build art using locative media to create personal maps not only as a geographical reference but as a narrative, a way of making see. Producing images in the intersection of experiences, reflections and georeferenced images that form personal maps, that in different layers form collective maps as a work in progress.

For more info:

Center for Arts and Technology, EAV-Parque Lage

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