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20 Jul 2011

Janek Schaefer: From Music To Sound (and back again) at GALERIE8, London

*image courtesy of the artist.

Sunday Sound Waves


Sunday Sound Waves 24 July - 28 August 2011 Every Sunday // 6 - 9 pm Guest curated by Alexa Kusber.

Jaime Davis

195-205 Richmond Road
E8 3NJ London

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From Music To Sound (and back again)
Janek Schaefer

Music (as a form of expression) is a perfect symbiotic model of unity; matter, form and content are one. Music allows the individual to experience deep and intense emotions. Sound is a 'unifying' sense —creating an immediacy of effect.

From Music To Sound (and back again) is an evening with the renowned sound artist, musician, and composer Janek Schaefer - a journey beginning with his early thoughts studying architecture to the relationship between sound and our sense of space and place.

During the evening there will be an artist discussion, film screenings and a live interactive performance of his new work, Local Radio Orchestra, which consists of 12 portable radios and 24 FM transmitters that saturate the radio dial and allows you to tune out and tune in to the custom composition broadcasts. This idea is combined with the engagement of the audience who are invited to participate to create a shuffling and shifting orchestra - a community radio station!

The event also serves as a launch night of the Sunday Sound Waves series alongside Schaefer's retrospective catalogue and the release of his two new album editions.

Throughout six weeks in July and August, Sunday Sound Waves will aim to critically engage with the surrounding environment through sound, and to explore the influences it has on new ways of making and experiencing visual forms.

The series includes a broad range of artists and creators that are increasingly blurring genre lines and sensibilities in the realms of sound and the visual. Participating artists will do this by recording the sounds of architectural spaces, re-inventing musical instruments, using sound as a sculptural material, or working with music and cinematography.

The six individual sessions will each present an open platform for thought and discussion by engaging the audience with diverse scenarios surveying basic ideas connecting to sound such as the interplay of music, sound and visual images on a basis of current angles of approach and interpretation, as well as entire audio-visual environments, art with sound such as installations and video art, film, television, computer games and all forms of sound design.

The series is a consideration and reflection based on its objectives, artists, events and audience engagement.

Sunday Sound Waves // 24 July - 28 August 2011
Every Sunday // 6 - 9 pm

Sunday Sound Waves is guest curated by Alexa Kusber.