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06 Jul 2011

Baltic, Russian and Scandinavian "Arterritory"

Baltic, Russian and Scandinavian


Anna Iltnere, Editor-in-Chief
+371 26 32 26 35

Bruņinieku street 28-57
LV-1011, Riga

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A brand new art and culture website,, has been launched in Latvian, Russian, and English. This is a new territory on the internet, devoted to a survey of Baltic, Russian, and Scandinavian art. The website also compiles the most important events in the visual arts calendar.

The website's target audience are readers who are interested in contemporary cultural phenomena and who want to make their life more interesting and exciting. The creators of are convinced that art is an open world, one that provides a place not only for professionals, but also for connoisseurs and lovers of art. will take a peek inside artists' studios, listen to their opinions, and document their participation in the most important art events. The website will become your discussion partner with whom you can exchange opinions about exhibits or art and design events in Riga, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Moscow, and elsewhere. is also your calendar of important occasions, where someone has already marked all the 'must-see' events.

The creators of the website understand that art today is not a closed space; it interacts and connects with other fields of culture. Precisely for this reason, the website also offers information about cinema, design, fashion, architecture, and books.

Readers can learn about the newest books and regional art periodicals; find out the latest in fashion and design; and travel the world as culture tourists, planning their route based on recommendations developed together by and

The website was created by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the fields of visual arts and design: philosopher and design theorist Anna Iltnere, art critic and curator Daiga Rudz?te, and fashion journalist and editor in chief Una Meistere. The visual form of was created by graphic designer J?nis Notte, who currently resides in New York.

' is a logical continuation of the alternative guidebook Another Travel Guide Riga, which came about through a collaboration between the online magazine for independent travelers and the cultural project agency Indie,' say the creators of 'We are convinced that this region is a territory which the world hasn't fully gotten to know yet. And it depends on us alone whether the world will have the chance to discover the cultural diversity, intensity of thought, and uniqueness of this region, which throughout history, as well as today, has allowed for the birth of so many brilliant figures in art and culture. These figures can still surprise and inspire us as an inexhaustible foundation of creative energy.''s closest collaboration partners are the online magazine for independent travelers and the cultural project agency Indie.

For more information, please contact:
Anna Iltnere, Editor-in-Chief of
Tel.: (+371) 26 32 26 35