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25 May 2011

Waescherei: Summer Exhibition Program

© Nico Schärer

Summer Exhibition Program


Exhibitions by Sonya Schoenberger & Irene Weingartner, Flurin Bisig, Beni Bischof «the forever ending story» presents Erik van der Weijde Do-It-Yourself-Workshops & Books in Residence Studio Cinema & Neighborhood Projects

Nicola Ruffo
+41 76 575 03 80

Kunstverein Zuerich
Dienerstrasse 70
8004 Zurich

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Mögliche Systeme 26.5. — 4.6. 2011
Irene Weingartner / Sonya Schoenberger
Curated by Nicola Ruffo

Vernissage Thu 26 May 18 h || Artist Talk Sa 28 May 18 h || Finissage Sa 4 June 18 h

One way of understanding the world is seeing it – with the German sociologist Niklas Luhmann – as an interaction of systems. In the exhibition «Possible Systems» artists Sonya Schoenberger and Irene Weingartner present their own approach to systematizing the world.

Mit dem Ruecken zum Publikum
 10.6. — 18.6.2011
Flurin Bisig
Curated by Silvia Simoncelli

Vernissage Fr 10 June 18 h «Wenn das Gerüst zum Bild wird» || Finissage Sa 18 June 18 h «Kaffee und Zigaretten»

The young Swiss artist Flurin Bisig presents the project «Mit dem Ruecken zum Publikum»: an experiment challenging and exploring the relation between space and creativity. For this project the artist will use the space of the Waescherei as his studio for the whole duration of the exhibition and realise an installation, which questions the relation between the artwork and the tradition of art display.

Architektur im Würgegriff der Kunst
 23.6. — 14.7. 2011
Beni Bischof
Curated by Nele Dechmann and Nicola Ruffo

Vernissage Thu 23  June || 18 h Finissage Do 14 July 18 h

Beni Bischof is a multidisciplinary artist creating paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, photos, zines, books and computer graphics. Based on his series called the «Bricked Castles» the show will provide a unique insight into Bischof’s universe in «Architecture in the Stranglehold of Art».

Deer Park
 18. 7. — 28.7.2011
«the forever ending story» presents Erik van der Weijde

Vernissage Mo 18 July || 18 h Finissage Do 28 July 18 h

The location-independent curatorial collective «the forever ending story» shows young artists and fresh positions in fine arts and organizes and curates continuous exhibitions home and abroad. For the show Deer Park they will present a new serie of photos by the artist Erik van der Weijde. His work brings light to non-spectacular and common images of our daily life – the house we live in, the lamp illuminating the street, our touristic customs, family portraits and many other popular subjects.


Build your own drawing robot! Sa 14 May 11 - 18 h
Collage-Workshop Sa 28 May from 13-18 h, Baeckeranlage

From drawing robots to collages. With our do-it- yourself-workshops we will encourage people from the neighborhood to produce their own art works.

Books in Residence

From Gordon Matta-Clark to Raphael Hefti. On a regular basis, we present book collections on artistic personalities with books from public libraries.

Ausgehend von Gordon Matta-Clark by Prof. Philip Ursprung
Books in Residence No. 02 April 2011 till Juni 2011

Natur, Phänomene, Fotografie by Raphael Hefti

Books in Residence No. 03 July 2011 till September 2011

Studio Cinema

Film-Evening about Gordon Matta-Clark
 Fr 20 May 20.30 h
Presented by Institut gta, ETH Zürich

«Optical Poems»
 Fr 27  May 21 h
at White Space (Militaerstrasse 76, 8004 Zurich)

In «Optical Poems» avant-garde filmclassics are newly interpreted. The abstract painter Tomás Cunha Ferreira creates a live soundtrack for the rhythmical forms of Oskar Fischinger, Walter Ruttman and Viking Eggeling.

These artists, influenced by the «painting with time» generation of filmmakers, as well as mainstream animations by Walt Disney, reinterpret rare abstract films using a modern vocabulary.

Bice Curiger
Su 5 June 12 h
Documentary by Eduard Erne about Bice Curiger  (Biennale Venice)

Openair Cinema

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