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31 May 2011

TransISTor 2011: Call for participation | Application deadline June 15!

TransISTor 2011: A series of workshops for film and audiovisual professionals
CIANT - International Center for Art and New Technologies


Preservation of Digital Audiovisual Works: June 21-24, 2011, Crete
Integrated Approach to 3D Cinema and Stereoscopy: July 4-7, 2011, Nicosia, Cyprus
S-3D Movie Making: July 18-21, 2011, Prague, Czech Republic
S-3D Post-production: August 24 - 27, 2011, Prague, Czech Republic

Sarka Marouskova

CIANT - International Center for Art and New Technologies
Kubelikova 27
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

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TransISTor is a multidisciplinary training initiative offering European professionals four intensive workshops focused on new technologies in the two following key areas:

• Module I: Preservation techniques and methodologies for digital audiovisual works;
• Module II: Stereoscopic 3D moviemaking from script to screen

The workshops will take place according to the following schedule:

Module I/ Preservation of Digital Audiovisual Works

Crete, June 22-25, 2011

Module II/
Workshop 1: Integrated Approach to 3D Cinema and Stereoscopy
(script, storyboard, theory of S-3D and development)
Nicosia, Cyprus, July 4-7, 2011

Workshop 2: S-3D Movie Making
(four days of intense S-3D shooting with experienced film professionals, S-3D rigs etc.)
Prague, Czech Republic, July 18-21, 2011

Workshop 3: S-3D Post-production: Visual Effects and S-3D CGI Sequences

(motion capture, editing, telecine & combination of live action and CGI sequences, post-production)
Prague, Czech Republic, in collaboration with Fresh Film Fest, August 24 - 27, 2011

In case you are interested or have any additional questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us on or directly apply for the workshops through our website:

The applications are opened till June 15!