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20 May 2011

Kunstløftet/Arts Council Norway presents Congress: Art and The Young Public

Kjersti Andvig

Congress: Art and The Young Public
Kunstløftet/Arts Council Norway


June 8-10 Oslo
We try to plan it so perfectly Congress: Art and The Young Public
Keynote speakers: Zygmunt Bauman, Franco Berardi, Grzegorz Kowalski, Don Kulick, Maria Lind

Pernille Nonås Mogensen
+47 95 26 64 84

Kunstløftet/Arts Council Norway
Grev Wedels plass 1

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We try to plan it so perfectly is a three-day congress examining the discourse of Art and The Young Public. It offers a vast field of questions that spans over different knowledge domains and where aesthetical, cultural, political, social visions and different outlooks on man are negotiated. To encircle and identify the extensive and complex field of questions, the conceptual principal inquiry is the school as an institution. The framework clarifies the questions, and enables the discussion to shed light on the structural as well as the individual dimensions, and their intertwining connections and mutual effect on each other.

The congress program presents the core curriculum of the school, whereby artists, curators, educators, official servants, politicians, philosophers, scientists and young people presents varied themes, that involves issues of contemporary art, culture, education and society and its future development in different forms such as panel debates, exhibition, lectures, performances, workshops.

The congress is structured as an equivalent dramaturgy where; art works, group discussions, performance lectures, workshops as well as the contributors and participators are placed on an equal footing during the event, to enable different view points emerge in an active meaning production in yet not known knowledge field.

Based on the event a range of the participators will present in-depth reflections on the congress debates, in essay formats and artistic contributions for a forthcoming publication. The publication is due late fall 2011.

Include Kjersti Andvig, Tarek Atoui, Marcus Coates, Per Formo, Melanie Gilligan, Emma Kay, Eemil Karila, Katarina Löfström, Audun Mortensen, Cirpian Muresan, Dan Perjovschi, Anders Smebye, Helene Sommer, Magnus Thorén, Magnus Wallin, Unnar Örn.

Include Ole- Petter Arneberg, Knut- Ove Arntzen, Venke Aure, Siri Dokkan, Mohammed Fazlhashemi, Bodil Furu, Thorbjørn Gabrielsen, Sidsel Grafer, Helena Granström, Hannah Kaihovirta- Rosvik, Jørgen Knudsen, Eivind Lentz, Henning Gärtner, Ebba Moi, Eirik Myrhaug, Anu Pennanen, Arne Ruth, Sigrid Røyseng, Ådne Sekkelsten, Goro Tronsmo, Johan Widén, Erik ?vreland.

Include Malin Hellkvist Sellén, Amund Sveen Sjølie

Visual Profile:
Kjersti Andvig

Magnus Thorén, Chief Exhibtion Technician
Eemil Karila, Exhibtion Technician
Eemil Karila Exhibition Technician
Roy Knudsen, Stage Technician
Arne Vinnem, Exhibtion Technician

Stage Managers:
Knut Børresen
Pelle Gustavsen

Pernille Nonås Mogensen

Project manager:
Rolf Engelsen

Curator & Editor:
Rickard Borgström

English, Norwegian, Swedish.

Dates & Time Program:
8.6 Wednesday, 17.30- 22.00
9.6 Thursday, 9.00- 16.20, 19.00- 22.00
10.6 Friday 9.00- 15.20, 19.00- 20.00

Opening time exhibition:
8.6 Wensday 19.00-22.00
9.6 Thursday 9.00- 20.00
10.6 Friday 9.00-20.00


Elvebakken Public High School, Grusomhetens Teater, Ingesteds

For more information and how attend please contact:
Rolf Engelsen Project manager –
Pernille Nonås Mogensen Producer –

About Kunstløftet at Arts Council Norway:
The congress is arranged by Kunstløftet at Arts Council Norway. It is a project based program (08-11) initiated to promote innovative and experimental art projects for children and young people, and enhance the quality level of the art production and the curatorial work for them, as well as create a larger public discussion around art in general and art aimed towards the young audience in particular.

The Cultural Rucksack- Arts and culture school program in Oslo