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04 Dec 2011

Online Courses for Artists and Art Administrators

photo by Amy Bassin, Sculpture Center, NYC

Applied Art Education
The Art World Demystified


How To Write About Art
How To Raise Funds For Artists & Institutions
Trends in the New York Art World / Curatorial Theory
How to Start & Operate a Gallery, Magazine + more

Brainard Carey

29th Street
New York

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Applied Art Education - New Courses for 2012

New courses are needed for emerging forms and practices within the fine arts. As curatorial practice grows, and as the current art scene in each city changes, almost imperceptibly, there is a need to stay aware of it all and navigate that world with ease and success.

The following courses are being offered, with brief descriptions below. Registration is handled through the link on this announcement.

1. How to Open and Run a Gallery.
From over 10 years experience as a gallery owner and director, Brainard Carey walks the student through several issues with a start-up gallery such as curatorial issues, building a following of collectors, finding a location, managing artists, and the business side of annual budgeting and hiring a staff.

2. How to Write About Art.
This course is for the curator or artist who would like to communicate more effectively. With reading assignments and examples, the course takes the student through several exercises in creating contemporary art texts that are meaningful and readable. The course will look at artists statements as well as curatorial essays and will deconstruct both to help understand what makes good writing effective and how you can employ similar tools and ideas in your own writing.

3. How to start and fund a magazine.

As an author and also a publisher of a magazine for over seven years, Brainard Carey will conduct a course that will be about magazine production from soup to nuts. From getting advertisers to layout and content, this course is about the details of production as well as editorial issues and financial issues. It is a compact course in all the tools needed to begin and operate a print magazine.

4. Fundraising for Artists and Administrators.

This course focuses on different methods of fund raising for institutions and artists. Crowd-sourcing and platforms like kickstarter are discussed as well as traditional techniques of asking for sponsors, working with local patrons and details of how to handle meetings and requests from potential funders.

5. New Markets in Art.
This course is a survey of current markets in art that are emerging or changing. Sales by artists such as Tino Sehgal to Grafitti artists raise new issues in how art work is handled and re-sold. The DIY (Do it yourself) movement is also generating a separate section of art market sales that often crosses over to the mainstream market and these new crossovers are discussed and defined.

6. Curatorial Directions in the Next Century
A course with a reading list from Hans Ulrich Obrist writings to young curators in New York like Dean deDearko and more. As art practice is shifting, so is the curators role. In this course propositions by different curators are explained and the class is encouraged to create a dialogue about possible new directions based on current theories and practice.

7. How to Collect Art
The traditional methods of collecting are covered in this course as well as new topics for collectors such as how to maintain and store digital work and what the current trends are in collecting. We will look at what different collectors have said about building collections and also at little known collections that became important. The objective of the course is to enable the student to build an investment quality collection.

8. What is Happening in the New York Art world
A round-up of current shows and trends in New York City. Artists will be covered as well as curators, critics and institution directors. It is a snapshot of what is happening from the perspective of living in that city. Questions are welcomed and the course will deliver information and a reading list for further research of current artistic practice in New York.

9. Significant International Trends
Looking at the global art market and different biennials all around the world, this course is a review of international art trends that are effecting the way collectors and artists perceive the international market and where the centers of art activity are. Recent developments will be focused on, in the context of the international art market.

10. Art Marketing and Commmunication
Institutions and artists must communicate, and this course is about the methods that are currently used to share work and ideas. Looking at Social media platforms and new marketing techniques like viral videos, we will survey the impact and opportunities this presents for artists and art institutions.


Brainard Carey who designed the courses, is an author and artist as well as an educator who lectures frequently. He has been in major biennials and museums and has recently published a book called Making It In The Art World.

He has built an educational resource with his wife and partner, Delia Carey, who is also an artist, author and educator.

For information on the courses now available online, please visit the link above. Feel free to ask questions about the courses-