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07 Dec 2011

sundaymorning@ekwc artist-in-residence program 2013

David Zink Ly, courtesy Hauser & Wirth

Call for applications


call for applications artist-in-residence program 2013 deadline January 8, 2012

Wies van Opstal
+31 (0)73 612 45 00

Zuid Willemslaan 215
5211 SG 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

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sundaymorning@ekwc is an internationally renowned ceramic work centre where visual artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals can explore the artistic possibilities of ceramics. This is realized in three ways: through the artist-in-residence program, the centre-of-excellence and the FabLab.

Artist-in-residence program

As an artist-in-residence sundaymorning@ekwc accommodates twelve participants at a time who can experiment with ceramics during a three month work period. We offer you a studio, an apartment and the advice of our expert staff.

Our participants are visual artists, designers and architects, over 75% of whom have not worked with ceramics before. They come from all over the world, their age ranges between 25 and 65 years.

Simultaneously, sundaymorning@ekwc acts as a research centre; a centre-of-excellence. The center's experts document everything that is being discovered, invented and created at the institute. Through exhibitions, lectures, publications, etc., the centre valorizes the results from the artist-in-residence program.


The FabLab is our digital workshop where visual artists, designers and architects can experiment with Cad/Cam equipment like 3D printers and cutters, or produce their prototypes. We offer the possibility to combine 3D modeling with mould making and realizing your design in ceramics.


A residency at sundaymorning@ekwc is a lifetime experience. Living and working here for three months allows you to focus entirely on your work while the exchange with fellow artists, designers or architects can be very stimulating and inspiring.

For those who are new to ceramics the introduction to the material can lead to amazing results thanks to the experience of our supervisors who will guide you through the process. And if you have worked with ceramics before, we know you will be challenged by the possibilities you find at sundaymorning@ekwc!

We offer various residencies depending on the kind of work you want to make: how much do you want to experiment? Would you like to use our Cad/Cam facilities? Have a look at the APPLY section of our website to see which residency suits you.

Each year we reserve 8 vacancies for young participants who recently graduated.

Call for applications
Creative professionals interested in a residency can apply using the forms downloadable from our website. We ask for a résumé including documentation of your work and a work plan detailing the direction of your research or of more specific objects you wish to produce.

A committee of sundaymorning@ekwc staff will judge technical challenge, originality and innovativeness of the work plans submitted. An international selection committee will consider motivation and artistic merit of the applicant.


Send us a proposal we can't refuse before January 8, 2012, at: