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23 Nov 2011

Announcing the release of ASPECT V18: Export China

Aspect V18: Export China
ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art


ASPECT, a biannual publication of time-based art, is pleased to announce our new release—Volume 18: Export China.

Evan Smith, Contributor Liaison

46 Waltham St Suite 108
Boston, MA 02118
United States

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ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art, a biannual DVD publication, is pleased to announce the release of ASPECT Volume 18: Export China.

In recent decades, China has undergone massive social, economic and cultural change, altering its citizens' view of the world and themselves. China's artists have rapidly absorbed and reinterpreted the pluralistic styles of Western art, using them to translate the unique realities of life in contemporary China. In turn, many Western artists interested in the play between the individual and society have turned their attention to China as a complex and often culturally loaded subject. This volume contains work by artists from both China and the West, participating in this cross-cultural exchange, responding to it critically from an embedded perspective.

Featuring work by:

Wang Gongxin with commentary by Barbara London
Tsang Kin-wah with commentary by Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya
Caspar Stracke with commentary by Kathy Brew
Fang Lu with commentary by Carol Yinghua Lu
Ma Yongfeng with commentary by Edward Sanderson
Ben Houge with commentary by Rebecca Catching
Linda Lai with commentary by Kimburley Choi
Lana Z Caplan with commentary by Liz Munsell
Lily & Honglei with commentary by Stephen Persing

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Company Information —The mission of ASPECT is to foster a deeper understanding of contemporary new media art by expanding access, education, and distribution of the genre. ASPECT pioneered DVD distribution of artworks and continues to set the standard for new media art publishing and distribution. ASPECT is a biannual DVD magazine of new media art. Each issue highlights 5-10 artists working in new media whose works are best documented in video or sound, including in-depth information on the artists and commentary by distinguished curators and critics. Individual issues and subscriptions are available directly from the ASPECT website.