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22 Nov 2011

Call for Artists: Night of Festivals 2012

Night of Festivals 2012


Call for short moving image submissions on the theme of freedom and independence Night of Festivals 2012 Deadline: 9th December Decision by early January

Hannah Stretton
(+44) 0116 261 6882

ArtReach, LCB Depot
31 Rutland Street
Leicester, LE1 1RE

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Night of Festivals 2012: Call for short moving image submissions

Background: ArtReach and Night of Festivals

ArtReach is a UK based cultural events agency that initiates, develops and produces innovative creative arts projects. It has a long track record of working with artists, galleries, carnival groups, Local Authorities and arts funding/development agencies. Further information can be found at

ArtReach is inviting submissions from Digital Artists for involvement in an exciting and high profile event, Night of Festivals 2012.

Night of Festivals 2012 is a three day celebration of the values of freedom and independence through artistic innovation. It will take place in the UK in Nottingham's Old Market Square between 21st and 23rd June 2012. The free to attend Festival will comprise a spectacular carnival performance, vibrant live music, public art installations (including presentation of the world's smallest moving image gallery, the ArtReach Nanoplex), Big Screen, and an extraordinary Night of Festivals finale performance. Please visit for more information.

About the Project

ArtReach wants to identify and curate an exceptional programme of short, experimental moving image that reflects the Festival's theme celebrating freedom and independence and that represents artists from six continents – North America and Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

The works will be collated/curated into six short programmes, each of about twenty minutes duration, and each focusing on artists from a different continent. ArtReach hopes to achieve an insightful and unique collection of short films which represent a global perspective and which all contribute to a single, overarching theme.

The final selection of moving image works will be presented inside the ArtReach Nanoplex, an experimental moving image gallery housed within a converted caravan. Its state of the art surround sound projection room offers audiences of up to twelve people at a time a unique insight into the world of digital arts.

During Night of Festivals 2012, after dusk, the ArtReach Nanoplex will be transformed with a dramatic installation of outdoor projection, immersing audiences in ambient light, colour and sound and encouraging them to visit the mini-cinema.

The programme of moving image works will be screened daily from 10am-11pm as part of the Nanoplex installation, enabling 1,500 people to visit during this time. The Festival as a whole is expected to have audiences of up to 50,000 which will attract further interest in the short film programme. It is possible some of the films may be transmitted on the Big Screen (where material is appropriate to large scale outdoor presentation.)

Artist Brief

ArtReach is inviting digital artists from across the world to submit a proposal to include existing short work for screening in the Nanoplex during Night of Festivals 2012.

Theme: The pieces should complement the vision of Night of Festivals 2012 as a celebration of the values of freedom and independence through artistic innovation.

Style: There is no restriction on the style of work and a wide range of content is hoped for. Pieces may be abstract, documentary, or narrative. However, we are not looking for pieces that have an overt political message.

Requirements: The pieces should be between 3-8 minutes in duration and supplied in AVI or MPEG format.

Fee: A royalty fee will be payable to each artist for inclusion in the Night of Festivals 2012 three day programme. The fee is anticipated to be between £100 and £200 depending on the number of artists included. Anyone submitting a proposal will be informed of the agreed fee before a commitment needs to be made.

Future opportunities: Beyond Night of Festivals 2012 we hope that the Nanoplex installation might be toured to other high profile arts events/Festivals across the UK. Artists whose work is included in Night of Festivals will also have the opportunity for their works to be screened at any future events and an appropriate royalty fee will be agreed.

Submitting a Proposal

Please submit a short artist biography and short proposal using the attached submission form, detailing the work you wish to submit and how it complements the Festival theme. Please also provide images or web links to enable us to view your work or examples of your work online.

ArtReach plans to create a short list of potential artists/work and will then need to see the work in full (if it has not already been available to view) before final decisions are made.

Please email your submission to no later than
9th December 2011


9th December Proposals deadline
16th December Artists will be shortlisted
Early January Final decisions made following viewing of work