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16 Nov 2011

WIELS Benefit Art Auction - 22.11.2011

Benefit Art Auction
WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels


Benefit Art Auction - 22.11.2011 9pm - Benefit Auction conducted by Pierre Bergé & Associés

Martine de Limburg Stirum
+32 478 360 581

WIELS Contemporary Art Centre
Av. Van Volxemlaan 354
1190 Brussels

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WIELS organizes a BENEFIT ART AUCTION, on 22.11.2011

Internationally renown artists who wish to support WIELS, have generously assiociated themselves with this event by providing a quality art work that will be auctioned during the dinner. The benefits from the auction and dinner will be entirely donated for the completion of the artistic and educational activities of WIELS. You can bid by phone during the auction or place advanced bids through the form to be downloaded on

The participating artists are:
Kasper Akhoj, Leonor Antunes, Sven Augustijnen, Evelyne Axell, Charlotte Beaudry, David Claerbout, Patricia Esquivias, Lorna Macintyre, David Maljkovic, Matt Mullican, Willem Oorebeek, Tobias Putrih, Jimmy Robert, Alina Szapocznikow, Oscar Tuazon, Armando Andrade Tudela, Danh Vo


WIELS is an international laboratory for the creation and the diffusion of contemporary art. Focusing on visual arts, but granting a particular attention to the crossings and interactions with other disciplines, the centre wishes to present contemporary art in all its diversity and to offer a permanent dialogue with the developments and the most recent debates of the art world.

Established through the commitment of a private not-for-profit association, WIELS is neither a museum, nor a 'Kunsthalle' or a centre for the fine arts, but an institution which articulates a set of complementary functions (exhibition, production and education). Within a dynamic and open context, the centre thus develops temporary activities without developping a permanent collection:

- Several yearly large-scale exhibitions (monographic shows of national and international artists, group shows, thematic shows...), which closely examine the evolution of the contemporary creation. The emphasis is laid on information, analysis and sharing in order to participate in the promotion and the understanding of contemporary art

- An international artist-in-residence program which focuses on innovation, research, creation and advancement, and which stimulates connections between local and international actors

- Mediation and education program through didactic workshops, teaching projects and seminars for the youth, seniors, schools, the neighboorhoud, etc.

The program of WIELS, strengthened by a series of parallel activities (conferences, debates, exchanges, workshops, community programs and interdisciplinary confrontations…) makes it an innovating and experimental art centre.

In the heart of Europe, WIELS constitutes a unique contemporary art institution with regards to its international dimension, its specific objectives as well as the remarkable architecture of its building.