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10 Nov 2011

International Competition for Decorative artwork of BUSAN CINEMA CENTER (South Korea)

International Competition for Decorative artwork of BUSAN CINEMA CENTER (South Korea)
Film and Industry division, Busan Metropolitan Government


Competition period: November 10 - December 14, 2011 Application for Entry: December 7 - December 14, 2011
(by email)

Yunha Kim

Film and Industry division, Busan Metropolitan Government
1001 Jungangdae-ro
Yeonje-Gu, Busan
South Korea

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Guidelines on the International Competition
A. Project Name : Busan Cinema Center Decorative Artwork Production & Installation

B. Location : Busan Cinema Center (CineMountain), 1467 U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea.

C. Project Period : Competition Period is from November 10 to December 14, 2011
Contract is to be signed in December 2011; and production & installation shall be completed within 40 days from the date of contract.

D. Project Details & Project Cost
Artwork Classification: Decorative Artwork
No. of Artwork: 1
Installation Place of Artwork: Busan Cinema Center (cinemountain indoor lobby or outdoor)
Project Cost (Korean won): 400,000,000 (USD 348,000 approx.)
Remarks: Project Cost includes material cost, delivery cost, production & installation cost, living expenses during the stay, flight fare, tax, and all other overhead expenses.

Note 1. Decorative artwork means 3D artwork or Plane artwork. Only one(1) artwork, whether 3D artwork or plane artwork, will be selected as the final winner. *Artwork Size : 3D artwork (indoor : 3*3*5m / outdoor : 5*5*15m), Plane artwork(7.5*3.5m)
Note 2. Plane artwork shall not suffer deformation, etc. due to strong sunlight.
Note 3. The size of the 3D artwork shall be adjustable upon the request of the ordering office.
Outline of Busan Cinema Center (
A. Scale : Site - 32,137㎡, Total Floor Area - 54,335㎡
(building with 1 story below and 9 stories above the ground)
B. Major Facilities : 1 multi-purpose performance hall (840 seats),
1 medium-sized theater (413 seats),
2 small-sized theaters (213 seats)
C. construction Cost : 162.4 billion won

Competition Schedule (KST, Korea Standard Time) 
A. Period of Competition : November 10 ~ December 14, 2011
B. Submission of Questions : November 16 ~November 17, 2011(email to
C. Answers to Questions : November 22, 2011 (
D. Application for Entry : December 7 ~ December 14, 2011
(post/visit(10:00-17:00)/e-mail to
E. Evaluation of Artwork : December 20, 2011
F. Announcement of Result : December 22, 2011 (

※ Evaluation and Announcement of Result schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances of the organizing institution.

As for more specifics on information on the competition, please refer to the attached file (competition guide) or visit to (