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05 Nov 2011

Resources For Artists and Art Institutions

Photo by Amy Bassin, Sculpture Center, NYC

Expert Art World Insight. Made to Fit.
Brainard Carey


A Newsletter for Professionals No Nonesense advice Real Experts, like major curators & Personal Help to fit your needs, all in a newsletter.

Brainard Carey

Art World Demystified
29th Street
New York, New York

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The Art World can be a mysterious place with insider clubs, coded meanings and personal slights.

Brainard Carey creates a newsletter for artists and art professionals that gives the latest information on major exhibits and how to get in to them as well as advice in all fields of art administration.

The goal is to demystify the art world so that it can be navigated professionally.

To learn more, you can subscribe to his newsletter for information as well as a free copy of his ebook, which tells the story of how he got into the Whitney Biennial and other exhibits.

This is a resource that is unabashedly open. This is how artists and institutions achieve artistic and financial success. It is taught and written by someone who is an active participant in biennials around the world, a published author, an institution builder and a fund raiser.

The newsletter is the easiest way to get all the latest professional information from Carey delivered to your inbox.

This is what the former director of the Whitney Museum said about his most recent book, Making It in the Art World, soon to be released, which draws from his newsletters;

The global art world of the 21st century is increasingly complex, and hard-hearted.  Tens of thousands of art school graduates and self-educated artists enter the scene every year, and in their own way, each want to make a living from their work, while pursuing a meaningful career. The prospects for success are slim, yet the flow of new talent continues unabated.

In a remarkably useful guidebook for artists trying to find their way, the artist Brainard Carey has spelled out in a clear and concise manner, a series of strategies and techniques that, taken as a whole, are the equivilant of that elusive course in real-world preparedness that most art schools gloss over or simply ignore.  In addition to his thoughtful and thorough approach to the subject, Carey's candor and complete lack of cynicism and posturing makes this book a must-read for any emerging artist.

David A. Ross