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15 Oct 2011

Launch of an interactive guide BIENNALE WAY - application for iPhone/iPad

design by Protey Temen. Moscow Biennale Way

interactive guide for iPhone/iPad


Oxana Bondarenko


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'The July 16' art agency presents its new project - iOS application Biennale Way.
It is an interactive personal guide to the world of the largest world biennales of contemporary art.

Nowadays paper prospects, booklets and throwaways gradually turn obscure, opening the way for high technologies. Starting your art-tour from your current location? Personalizing your visit by creating own your route, highlighting your favorite shows and arts? Taking pictures of art-objects, getting information about the authors? All these functions are now available using the new Biennale Way application for iOS gadgets.

Biennale Way's mission is to incorporate the biggest world biennales of contemporary art: Venice, New York, Moscow and many more. Using your location, the application will show the most convenient route to explore the selected biennale.

Easy navigation is via Google Maps and Street View. Biennale Way opens a unique opportunity to look at the exhibitions through the eyes of art-insiders. The routes, compiled from recommendations by key figures of world contemporary art scene, are now available for you.

The first edition of the Biennale Way is already available for the tour through the 54th Venice Biennale open from 4th of June to November 27 in 2011. In September 2011,new issue of Biennale Way came out - it guides the guests of the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Biennale Way makes your biennale experience and journey through an unfamiliar city as comfortable as possible, providing user with easy-to-read maps, tips and recommendations, and unique routes off the beaten path.

It features a full access to the personal interviews with curators of exhibitions, archives of photos and the recommended routes from the key figures in the world of the contemporary art. And it is always easy to reach, well-structured and never crumpled or heavy.

Biennale Way itself is a real work of art. A guide to each location is distinguished by its style interface created by a guest designer. The Venice Biennale guide was designed by Tom Tosseyn, a graphic artist working with Raf Simons.

Design of the Moscow Biennale guide was created by Protey Temen. A digital sculpture on the cover - Protey Temen, design of the Biennale Way Moscow application – Sputnik.