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11 Jan 2011

UNIDEE in Residence 2011: call for applications

Edoardo Delille

UNIDEE in Residence 2011
UNIDEE Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto


Deadline for submissions: 20th January 2011 UNIDEE in Residence 2011 15th June - October 2011


+39 015 0991 462

UNIDEE Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto
Via Serralunga, 27
13900 Biella

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UNIDEE in Residence 2011: 15th June-15th October
Application Deadline:20th January 2011

UNIDEE – University of Ideas is the international pole of formation and exchange between knowledge and diverse problematics, open to a varied and multidisciplined group of creatives, professional people and students. Here art abandons the conventional cannons and places instead to integrate itself with society and with other disciplines: communication, production, economics, politic, architecture, design, literature, music, spirituality, ecology and nourishment.

UNIDEE in Residence runs for four months - from June to October - to explore the rapport between art and society and to investigate methodologies of creative interventions able to activate projects for a socially responsible change in society. Unidee in residence forms a new professional skill: that of 'activator' of projects for a Responsible Transformation of Society, which reunites the characteristics and skills of the artist, curator, business people and managers of cultural projects. At Cittadellarte the residents' acquire a professional creative dimension that is productive and socially relevant, capable of responsibly confronting the problematics of real society and that offers innovative proposals to companies and administrations in different contexts.

The UNIDEE programme develops in direct synergy with the activities of Cittadellarte, interacting with the exhibitions, research and projects of the Uffizi in the areas of ecological architecture (Architecture Office), sustainable design (Production Office), of economic alternatives (Economics Office), of intercultural Dialogue (Politics Office and Love Difference Project), of the relation between ecology and creativity (Ecology Office and ReMida Project), of affective cuisine (Nourishment Office), of art and social change (Art Office) and of the spirituality of art (Spirituality Office).

The residents in this way have the opportunity to enter into contact and collaborate with the diverse realities of the territory and with the businesses and institutional partners of Cittadellarte. Numerous meetings, lectures, workshops with experts from the creative world, business and art are organised that share with the residents their experience and knowledge.

The open studio UNIDEE in Progress, which takes place at the end of the formative course, presents the ideas and projects developed to the public.