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26 Jan 2011

cura.magazine # 07 Winter 2011 Now Available!

Paolo Chiasera
Scheme for 'Painting 1 - Analysis and Convergence', an essay by Paolo Chiasera
Cover for cura.magazine 2010-2011
Courtesy: Paolo Chiasera

cura.magazine # 07 Winter 2011


You can find cura.magazine # 07 ACROSS EUROPE AND USA!! Please contact us for further information!


+39 06 96039672
+39 06 96039673

via nicola ricciotti 4
00195 roma

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cura.magazine # 07

Art Venues: CoCA Torun
Ilaria Marotta in Conversation with Dobrila Denegri

Art After Democracy
Raimar Stange

Josechu Dávila's Critical Contribution to the 'Des-Oeuvrement' of the Artwork
José Luis Corazón Ardura

Haunted by Life, On Zvi Goldstein's Current Projects
Ory Dessau

History? I'll Show You. Freedom of Information and Transformation of the Media Channels in Fernando Bryce's Work
Federica La Paglia

The Szeemann Syndrome
Felix Vogel

Art and Incommunicability Between Cultures
Elena Giulia Rossi

Carla Filipe's Brand of Subjectivity and Pleasure
Ulrich Loock

We, The People. Interview with Harrell Fletcher and Jens Hoffmann
Marco Antonini

Riccardo Previdi

In Conversation with Maria Loboda
Michelle Cotton

The Active Platform
Benedetta di Loreto

Fashion Curating. Interview with Judith Clark
Dobrila Denegri

A Conversation About Art & Fashion
Julia Peyton-Jones, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Sara Schifano

The Edible Landscapes of Song Dong
Costanza Paissan

1969: Exhibiting the New Art
Orsola Mileti

Antonio Rovaldi curated by Valentina Rossi
Nils Olger curated by Julia Klaring and Maria Garzia
Davide d'Elia curated by Giulia Ferracci