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20 Sep 2010

14th International Art Fair Art Moscow: Special Projects

Art Moscow: Special Projects
ART MOSCOW - Expopark


ART MOSCOW – 14th International Art Fair 22 – 26 September 2010 Official opening: 22nd September 4 p.m.| Central House of Artists Conference on MEDIALISATION: 23rd till 26th September | Central House of Artists Young Collectors Talk: 25th September | Central House of Artists

Victoria Kondrashova, Director Art Moscow
+7 (495) 657 9922
+7 (499) 238 4516

Central House of Artists
Krymskiy Val 10
119049 MOSCOW
Russian Federation

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ART MOSCOW – 14th International Art Fair 22 – 26 September 2010
Central House of Artists, Krymskiy Val 10, 119049, Moscow, Russian Federation

ART MOSCOW - Special projects

The special projects of this edition of Art Moscow are devoted to the artistic analysis of media, the use of new media and advanced technological means, called MEDIALISATION. Medialisation - a functional and semantic interpretation of reality through technology, which will inevitably alter the ordinary world. Medialisation influences our established set of values, leading toward rethinking and remodeling of these values and social structures in a creative, dynamic and ever changing environment.

MEDIALISATION, curated by Art Moscow Artistic Director Christina Steinbrecher, will host three exhibitions in partnership with the Museum Folkwang Essen, a conference on MEDIALISATION, a Young Collectors Talk and the newest media art projects from Russian and foreign artists.

1. Conference on MEDIALISATION - 23 till 26 September

Leading Russian and international art professionals are discussing the impact of media and new media technologies on art itself and the promotion of art and artists today. The major themes of this two day conference are: 'globalisation and media', 'social networks and self representation of artists and institutions on the web', 'the image in media', 'politics and media politics', 'collecting - the institutionalization - of media art' and 'hybrid art'.

ART MOSCOW is proud to have the following special guests participating: Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam), Almira Usmanova (European Humanies University, Vilnius, Lithuania ), Nina Sosna (Philosophical Journal
of Sciences, Moscow, Moscow, Russia) and Elena Petrovskaya, Valeriy Podoroga and Oleg Aronson (Institute of Philosophy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia)

2. Young Collectors Talk - 25 September 2010

The Young Collectors Talk aims to provide more information and insight to young collectors directly from art professionals, gallery owners and fellow collectors in order to develop new skills and fine tune their collecting strategies.

The Talk will be an open discussion between the panelists and the young collectors resulting in a dynamic dialogue mixing concrete questions and practical experiences on various levels.

The Young Collectors Talk will be chaired by Rachael Barrett (Three Sixty Bespoke, London) and the panel will consist of: Valerie Blair (Gagosian Gallery, London), Maria Bukhtoyarova (Collector, Moscow), Tara Cranswick (Founder, V22 Collection, London), Matthew Stephenson (Managing Director, Christie's Russia, Senior Specialist London / Moscow), Maria Baibakova (Founder and head curator of Baibakov Art Projects) and Graham Steele (Associate Director, White Cube, London).

3. Virtual Museum Folkwang (a joined project of Art Moscow and Folkwang Museum, Essen | CHA, Hall 1)

Project Virtual Museum Folkwang demonstrates new possibilities of museum display. It shows the experience of the exhibition project without actually moving works of art. The Virtual Museum also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the documentation and study materials on the shows which significantly expand its historical context. Exposure of the exhibitions of the Museum Folkwang in this new media format breathes new life into archival exhibitions and significantly expands the audience of the museum.

Museum Folkwang Essen will present three exhibitions that were previously held in the museum itself in a virtual format. 'The most beautiful museum in the world' was how Paul J. Sachs, American art historian and co-founder of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, described the Museum Folkwang during a visit to Essen in 1932. The exhibition 'The Most Beautiful Museum in the World' aims to reconstruct, for the first time, the Museum Folkwang's original collection in a multi media environment browsing through the treasures of the museum.

The exhibition 'A Star Is Born: Photography and Rock since Elvis' will include around 300 exhibits, photographs, album covers, magazines and autographed pictures from six decades with pictures by Ron Galella, Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, Richard Avedon, Daniel Kramer, Mick Rock, Jerry Schatzberg amongst others. All of them made a significant contribution to turning rock stars into legends and creating their mythology.

'Hacking the City' is an experimental exhibition project of the Museum Folkwang Essen for the public space in the city. Artists, communication guerrillas, web designers, street artists and musicians are invited to respond to the changing structures of public, mobility and communication in the city.

4. Techno Russia (Curator: Antonio Geusa | CHA, mezzanine)

'Technology shapes society. Today, more than ever, communication – its character, forms and speed – depends upon technological equipment. By presenting instances of contemporary art in which technological equipment is an active participant, 'Techno Russia', be it in a condensed form, is not simply a historic document. In its essence, it is an invitation open to the art community to explore in depth the potentialities and challenges of new technologies'. Antonio Geusa

5. Tzarina-Bellflower (Object-installation by Elizaveta Berezovskaya | CHA, Hall 5)

'A gigantic bellflower with the entrance in the manner of a cave shifts spectator's assemblage point - by creating an integral pattern where cave and flower values interplay and lead to associations to the maternal womb. Advancing into the cave's depths filled with the spirit of life, one feels like Thumbelina having found herself in heavens' womb' Sergey Anufriev

6. Visual Pollution. Andreas Golder (Оrganised by Aftergallery | CHA, Hall 13)

Reality brings monsters to life. This is a kind of ambiguous characterisation of the art of Andreas Golder (born in 1979) – a young German artist of Russian origin. Andreas Golder's uses his creative work to demonstrate the inside of our real life in grotesque forms. His paintings shift on the edge between figurativeness, punctuated naturalism, bright expression and purely abstract forms. This formal ambivalence is reflected in his creative subject matter, which is a mix of high and low culture, with numerous sly references to the history of painting alongside visceral smears of paint and loose splashes of colour.

7. Оlympia Scarry. The artist is not present (Next Stop Offensive) (CHA, room 14?)

The Artist Is Not Present (Next Stop Offensive) is a medialised version of this work, it takes place in the virtual space of the world wide web. The artist is online waiting for her next victim to be gazed at through the intimate live camera. Olympia Scarry's work reveals vulnerability, inner chaos and her attempt to solve interpersonal relations. Scarry's choice of materials reflect the complexities of the ever contradicting role reversal of power in relationships through her industrial black rubber cables encased in fragile glass, the 750 kilos of skin-like soap upon sharp edged stainless butcher's steel and the delicate bandages hanging from metal chains or filling a space with 500 kilos of pure white feathers.

8. The Factory of Gestures. Body Language in Film by Oksana Bulgakova

(7 channel installation/ca. 240 Min/7 chapters; b/w and color) | (CHA, Hall 14)
The moment when the new technologies of photography, film, and the mass distribution of images upset the social and cultural practices of the 20th century is especially striking in Russia, where artistic experiments coincided with great social cataclysms and the search for a new expression of the body produced sometimes unparalleled results.

9. Sticky Art. Installation (Organised by 3М | CHA, outside the main entrance)

Innovative technology company 3M held a contest for the best art object created from Scotch ® tape. The nominees will be presented at the entrance of Art Moscow. The jury includes artist Valery Koshlyakov, world-famous for his work from using unusual materials - cardboard, duct tape, plywood, etc. The winner will be announced 1st October at the 3M Sticky Art party.

10. Martin Denker Installation (Supported by Fashion Collection | CHA, room 12)

German artist Martin Denker creates an explosively personal, fantastical vision straddling Surrealism, Pop, and Psychedelia. He constructs his images from a multitude of appropriated photographic and visual sources including news, advertising, pornography, and film-stills. Constantly inspired by the stimuli around him—from the internet, video games, psychotherapy, and art history—the images are orchestrated via image-processing/altering applications, into large-scale photographic works.

Around town during ART MOSCOW

During ART MOSCOW there is much more to see beyond the Central House of Artists. Most museums and galleries present top exhibitions or emerging new talent. Here is a selection of the best Moscow has to offer.

MMOMA – Moscow Museum(s) of Modern Art offer a wide range of exhibitions at there five venues we recommend: Richard Hambleton: 80's New York street art legend. (9/9/10 – 26/9/10 | 10, Gogolevski Bulvar) and Gen d'Art: The Gender History of Art in Post Soviet Space 1989 – 2009 (11/9/10 – 31/10/10 | 25, Petrovka Ulitsa)

Winzavod – Moscow's beating contemporary h'Art keeps on developing and is as usual a sure bet during Art Moscow. We selected: Art + Art Gallery with Ruud van Empel (23/9/10 – 15/10/10) and in the small room Max Snow (17/9/10 – 30/10/10), Fotoloft Gallery with Wedding Invitation and Karakal Girls (both 7/9/10 – 7/10/10) and M&J Guelman Gallery with The Surreal Home (23/9/10 – 20/11/10). Winzavod Centre of Contemporary Art: 4-th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, 1, bld. 6

When in the area of the Red Square be sure to take a look at the Manezh Exhibition Halls. The old stables host a show by the Moscow House of Photography with works by Vladimir Mishukov. His clowns from POLNOPOLUNIE are on from 9/9/10 till 9/10/10. Manezh: 1 Manezhnaya Ploshad (right next to the Kremlin)

Red October Chocolate Factory. This old chocolate factory has been developed into a hub of culture and entertainment with various galleries, restaurants and clubs all housed in the buildings of this former factory. We would recommend Strelka Institute, Pobeda Gallery and restaurant Dom.

ART MOSCOW – 14th International Art Fair
From 22nd till 26th September the Russian and international art world will gather in Moscow for the annual Art Moscow fair which distinguishes itself not only as the leading event on the Russian art scene but also as a powerful promoter of Russian contemporary art. In fourteen years it has become the most important and effective art fair in Russia - today Art Moscow is an essential part of Russia's art world.

Participating Galleries:

Acaccia Gallery (Havana, Cuba), AL Gallery (St. Petersburg, Russia), Art + Art (Moscow, Russia), Barbarian Art Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Forsblom Gallery (Helsinki, Finland), FotoLoft (Moscow, Russia), Frolov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), GAM Obrist Gingold Gallery (Essen, Germany), Horrach Moyà Gallery (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), Iragui (Moscow, Russia), Knoll Gallery (Austria - Hungary, the Vienna-Budapest) , N Gallery (Tbilisi, Georgia), Nicola von Senger Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Photographer (Moscow, Russia), RIGA Gallery (Riga, Latvia), Shiraishi Gallery (Tokyo, Japan), VP Studio (Moscow, Russia), XL Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Zvono Gallery (Belgrad, Serbia), Aidan Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Anna Nova Gallery (St. Petersburg, Russia), Vostochnaya Gallery (Moscow, Russia), M & J Guelman Gallery (Moscow, Russia ) Glaz Gallery (Moscow, Russia), E.K.ArtBuro (Moscow, Russia), Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Collection Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine), Krokin Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Marina Gisich Gallery ( St. Petersburg, Russia), Pobeda Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Polina Lobachevsky Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Rosa Azora Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Tatiana Mironova Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine), Triumph Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Fine Art Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Zeh Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine), Yakut Gallery (Moscow, Russia)

ART MOSCOW – 14th International Art Fair 22 – 26 September 2010
Central House of Artists, Krymskiy Val 10, 119049, Moscow, Russian Federation

Preview: 21st September 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. | Central House of Artists
Press conference: 22nd September 2 p.m.| Press Center of the Central House of Artists
Official opening: 22nd September 4 p.m.| Central House of Artists
Conference on MEDIALISATION: 23rd – 26th September | Central House of Artists
Young Collectors Talk: 25th September | Central House of Artists | |