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16 Sep 2010

Start Point 2010 at GASK, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Newly opened building of GASK at Kutná Hora. Photo Tomas Soucek.

Start Point, prize for emerging artists 2010
Nadace Arbor Vitae


18. 9. - 28. 11. 2010
Start Point, the prize for emerging artists, is moving in its 8th edition from Klatovy/Klenova to GASK, Kutná Hora, bringing an overview of young artists from 33 art academies of 15 European countries. more information:

Pavel Vancat, project curator
+420 725 001 085

GASK (Galerie Středočeského kraje)
Barborská 24
28401 Kutná Hora
Czech Republic

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The main task of Start Point project is to promote the emerging contemporary artists and to bring them new experiences and contacts just after their graduation. We aim to provide a wide platform for fresh art graduates and university personnel, but also for art connoisseurs and professionals and for both local and foreign public.

During its first seven years at Galerie Klatovy/Klenová, Start Point Prize has evolved into a respected overview of emerging European artists (see the archive at Officially labelled as 'Start Point, prize for emerging artists 2010', it is moving in its 8th annual edition from Klatovy/Klenova to GASK, newly opened Central Bohemia's museum of art in Kutná Hora, which should further improve the quality and notoriety of this extensive project.

In its 2010 release, Start Point is bringing together young artists selected from 33 art academies of 15 European countries. From each academy the jury selects one candidate, who enters the final exhibition and is also listed on the official website and in the catalogue of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be oficially opened on Sept. 18 from 10 am, the prize announcement will be held at 4 pm.

Participating artists:
Tiago Cruz (Porto FBA UP) / Eelco de Vries (Hague KABK) / Michael Dietlinger (Nürnberg AdBK) / Nuno Fernandes (Lisboa FBA UL) / Sylvia Gajewska (?ódź ASP) / Irene Grau (València FBA UPV) / Yoeri Guepin (Utrecht HKU) / Marek Halasz (Banská Bystrica FVU AU) / Denis Handschin (Basel FHNW) / David Helán (Praha AVU) / Andrea Kršul (Ljubljana) / Riikka Kuoppala (Helsinki KUVA) / Luc Lesage (Dijon ENSAD) / Johannes Makolies (Dresden HBK) / Alexis Milne (London Goldsmiths) / Kaweh Modiri (Amsterdam GRA) / Michaela Müller (Zagreb ALU) / Julián Muñoz Ruiz (Cuenca FBA) / John Nielsen (London RCA) / Lukáš Prokůpek (Praha VŠUP) / Lara Russi (Zürich HfGK) / Maruša Sagadin (Wien AdBK) / Juraj Sasák (Košice FU TU) / Sebastian Siechold (Berlin Weissensee) / Larisa Sitar (Bucuresti UNA) / ?ukasz Surowiec (Krakov ASP) / Helena Svobodová (Brno FaVU VUT) / Gabor Szollath (Budapest MKE) / Jaroslav Varga (Bratislava VŠVU) / Jan Vytiska (Ostrava FU OU) / Doris Weinberger (Bremen) / Tomasz Wlaźlak (Toruń WSP) / Maria Zillich (München AdBK)

- The project is supported by Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic and by Central Bohemian Region.
- Main partners: AWT-Čechofracht, Imofa Praha
- Start Point exhibition 2010 is organized by Nadace Arbor Vitae and GASK, Kutná Hora.