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14 Sep 2010

Netwerk presents Pieterjan Ginckels / Adam Leech / Artstation

Blanket Apology, 2010, Adam Leech, Stills from video

PISTE Netwerk Aalst / The Host with the Most / I TXT ERGO SUM
Netwerk / center for contemporary art


Open 08.09 → 07.11 New opening hours:
Tu. → Su. 14:00 → 18:00


+32 53 709 773
+32 53 709 772

Netwerk / center for contemporary art
Houtkaai z/n
9300 Aalst

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Pieterjan Ginckels PISTE Netwerk Aalst
For the project PISTE Netwerk Aalst Pieterjan Ginckels builds a cycling track. In the meantime he prepares a cycling team that will animate the structure during the six-day event. The intention is that the track serves as a pacemaker for an alternative exhibition model, which gains ramifications and Galerie Expedition (Amsterdam) and in Design Vlaanderen (Brussels). PISTE represents a gathering of sporting and artistic intentions, where the intensity of the indoor cycling event is used as a vehicle for numerous images and metaphors: the circling cyclists, the sprint that is launched, the animosity and adrenaline within the central area. However, the project is not an exact copy. PISTE is an overarching structure that makes room for freedom, the porosity and the energy inherent in shared artistic – and / or sports – activities.

In the meantime the artist prepares a cycling team to race upon the track during a 6-day event. As with the famous 6 Days of Ghent, the team will attempt to race a total of 24 hours during the 6-days event. The 6daagse is both a sporting and artistic event with concerts, performances, films, a pasta lunch, … On the final day of the event, a race will take place for cycling enthusiasts.

More information on the programme of the 6 Days: see

Adam Leech The Host with the Most
Adam Leech will also show only new work in his solo exhibition. The artist earned his spurs earlier in the last edition of Manifesta, the Tirana Biennale and Moderna Museet (Malmö). He is both a painter and video artist. Recently he completed Blanket Apology, a video in which he puts in scene a tightly orchestrated public confession. Leech zooms in on the rhetoric and diversionary tactics, but also upon slips of the tongue and contradictory leaps of thought. As he plays in his videos with the plasticity of words and their meaning, so he has developed a unique associative style of painting, full of contrasts and unusual combinations.

Artstation I TXT ERGO SUM

Glenn Davidson from Artstation has been active in the art world since the late seventies. Because of his interest in conceptual art and sharing authorship that was linked to the emergence of new media art, he developed a practice that focuses on systems rather than objects. For several years he examines how, for example, SMS traffic functions. In Netwerk he presents all the messages sent by his son over a period of six months: in this case thousands and thousands of messages, one saying more than other. As such the artist is trying to actually grasp the continuous series of pulses and fingered submissions, not just pertaining to the life of his son, but also that of many others.

Supported by the European Commission and European project Interreg IVa '2 Mers Seas Zeeën' Cross-boarder cooperative programme 2007-2013. Also supported by the Flemish Government, Province East Flanders and City of Aalst.