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24 Jun 2010

Motto Storefront at Vancouver: Subscribe to Fillip

Photo by Blaine Campbell

Motto Storefront
Fillip and Artspeak


Jeff Khonsary
+1 605 781 4417

305 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4

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Motto Storefront transforms Artspeak into a temporary space for the sale, presentation, and discussion of contemporary art publishing. The selection of printed matter for the store has been made by Motto, a Berlin and Zürich-based bookstore and distributor specializing in experimental, small run, and self-published artist books, magazines, and fanzines.

Motto Storefront is organized by Artspeak and Fillip with Motto, Berlin, and takes place at 233 Carrall Street, Vancouver. The store is open Tuesday to Sunday 12 – 5pm through July 22nd.

Full Information and Stock List

Subscribe to Fillip & Win a Library!
Subscribe to Fillip magazine between June and July, 2010, and be entered to win a (small) library of books from the Motto Storefront worth over $300 including titles from:

- Roma Publications
- Dexter Sinister
- Nieves
- Graphic
- Fw:
- Rollo Press

Over 20 titles in all! Subscriptions to Fillip are only $25 per year for 3 issues. Now is a great time to subscribe as subscription rates will likely increase in 2011! Renewals are equally eligible. Email for further details.

Subscribe online at

Talks and Workshops: Saturdays at 2pm
Motto Storefront provides the context for a series of related public programming intended to create a sustained dialogue within Vancouver on issues related to the production and consumption of art publishing. Formed around an ongoing, ad hoc residency program with international publishers, designers, artists, and booksellers, this series will take the form of weekly talks, workshops, and launches investigating alternative retail models, self-initiated design practices, and small scale publishing initiatives.

Upcoming Events

June 26: Oscar Tuazon (Section 5 Books, Paris)
July 4: Metahaven (Amsterdam/Brussels)
July 10: Working Format (Vancouver)
July 17: Wendy Yao (Ooga Booga, Los Angeles)