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29 Jun 2010

Grazer Kunstverein presents Benjamin Hirte and Lone Haugaard Madsen

Benjamin Hirte

GORGONA 1 - 11
Grazer Kunstverein


June 30th - August 13th Exhibition Opening:
Tuesday June 29th 2010, 6.30 pm Lecture: Branka Stipančić, guest curator, on the art book-project Gorgona Lecture on Wednesday June 30th (6.30 pm)

Tanja Gurke

Grazer Kunstverein
Palais Trauttmansdorff, Burggasse 4
8010 Graz

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The exhibition shows new works from Benjamin Hirte (*1980) and Lone Haugaard Madsen (*1974), both living in Vienna. The artists Benjamin Hirte and Lone Haugaard Madsen work with different artistical approaches and procedures, but also with some similarities such as the inclusion of found or standing around objects or of work traces from others. They position themselves with terms as location, institution and process as manufacturers. For the Grazer Kunstverein, the normally separated working artists deal together with the exhibition situation.

Benjamin Hirte lives in Vienna and studies at the academy of fine arts there. Born in 1980 in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Exhibitions during the last years among others at: demonstrationsraum, Academy of fine arts, Vienna --- Galerie Schnittraum – Lutz Becker, Köln --- MOP-Gallery, Sidney --- Kunstraum Ve.sch, Vienna --- forum +, Brügge --- bellsptreet project space, Vienna --- Acapulco, Düsseldorf. (selection)

Lone Haugaard Madsen
lives in Vienna and Copenhagen. Born in in Silkeborg, Denmark. Exhibitions during the last years among others at: Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster --- Kunstraum Ve.sch, Vienna --- Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, Lüneburg --- Johann König, Berlin --- Galerie Christian Nagel, Köln --- Chelsea College, London --- Westwerk, Hamburg --- Secession, Vienna --- Betonsalon, Vienna. (selection)

is an artistic book project which was initiated by the Zagreb artist Josip Vaništa (*1924) and realized between 1961 and 1966 (there have been published 11 different Gorgona issues in total).
Josip Vaništa saw the project as part of his artistic practice and chose „Anti-Magazin' as the title for it. All issues were published in a nearly identical square size (ca. 20 x 19 cm), slim with only a few pages and in a limited edition of 300 per issue.

Branka Stipančić is art critic and free curator, she lives and works at Zagreb (Croatia). She was curator at the museum of contemporary art in Zagreb from 1983 till 1993 and director of the Soros Center for contemporary art in Zagreb from 1993 till 1996. The project is supported by Erste Bank.