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30 Apr 2010

Art.on.Wires Laboratory in Oslo, Norway

A Laboratory for Live and Interactive Art & Technology
Kanonhallen, Oslo
arranged by Simula Research Laboratory


Opening hours: 10am - 11pm Events: Workshops, Dorkbot Talks, Live Concerts, Experimental Performances Registration: register before May 9 Tickets: 4-day pass 125 Euro, day pass 50 Euro

Alexander Eichhorn

Peter Moellers Vei 2

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A Laboratory for Live and Interactive Art & Technology

May 10 - 13 2010, all day 10.00 - 23.00
Kanonhallen, Oslo, Norway

Art.on.Wires is an open laboratory for live and interactive art where researchers, engineers and practitioneers from various fields collaborate to explore and create a new generation of media technology for artistic performances and mixed-reality spaces.

We invite choreographers, dancers, singers, actors, musicians, composers, DJs, VJs, visual artists, programmers, set designers, light engineers, sound engineers and interested researchers to join our laboratory. The four-day event will feature workshops on artistic programming tools and interactive technologies, dorkbot talks and experimental performances. Art.on.Wires takes place in an old industry hall which will be equipped with interactive technologies to serve as a space for artistic and scientific experimentation.

Our main topics are Space and Interaction. Artistically we are interested in interactions with smart performance spaces and interactions between people in remote networked performance spaces. On the engineering side issues of interest are the integration of Vision, Sound and Motion technologies into a local space to enable remote and mixed-reality interactions.

- keynote talks by Mark Coniglio and Atau Tanaka
- dorkbot presentations
- workshops on artistic programming toolkits, technology and performance
- concerts and performances

- OpenFrameworks, led by Arturo Castro (ES), Pierre Proske (AU)
- Motion Capture Systems and Techniques led by Alexander Refsum Jensenius, NO
- BoBo – Gadgetto, led by DAAL/DKIA (AT)
- Playful Spaces, led by DAAL/DKIA (AT)
- Isadora – Advanced Features Quick Boot, led by Mark Coniglio, US/DE
- Using Interactive Environments for Performance
-- Dance Track, led by Johanna Roggan (DE)
-- Visuals Track - VVVV, led by Marko Ritter (DE)
-- Music Track - Ableton Live, led by Kacob Korn (DE)
- Telematic Interaction, led by Alexander Carôt (DE)
- Systematic Understanding of Music, led by Lars Graugaard (DK)

25/4 - Early Registration Ends
09/5 - Online Registration Ends
10/5 - Art.on.Wires starts

Alexander Eichhorn, Simula Research Laboratory, Oslo
Deepak Dwarakanath, Simula Research Laboratory, Oslo
Alexander Refsum Jensenius, FourMS Group, University of Oslo
Lars Graugaard, Systematic Understanding of Music (SUM), Denmark