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28 Apr 2010

'El ?ngel Exterminador' at BOZAR, Brussels

El ?ngel Exterminador
A Room for Spanish Contemporary Art


El ?ngel Exterminador
29.04 > 20.06.2010 Monday > Sunday 10 am > 6 pm Thursday 10 am > 9 pm EXPO € 5
EXPO + 1 performance € 10



Centre for Fine Arts - BOZAR
rue Ravensteinstraat 23
1000 Brussels

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El ?ngel Exterminador

On the occasion of the Spanish presidency of the European Council, Luis Buñuel's cult film El ?ngel Exterminador serves as the unifying thread for an unprecedented contemporary art project. Nearly thirty of the leading artists in Spain today offer their own visions of claustrophobia in a confined, almost oppressive, space.

An allegory of Luis Buñuel's film of the same name, the El ?ngel Exterminador exhibition explores the ambivalence between the visceral need to escape and the equally deep-rooted desire for isolation. When claustrophobia strikes, however, one has to adapt; indeed, learning how to live with alienating constraints becomes a matter of urgency. Through paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, and installations, twenty-seven Spanish artists of our own time portray the notion of 'limit'. A veritable tableau vivant that has to be escaped from...

In response, five unique performances explore confinement and Buñuel's film will, of course, be screened too. For two whole months a window will be opened on contemporary Spanish art – on a scale greater than anything seen in Belgium since Europalia 1985!


Paco Cao: Buñuel, en guerra
Thur 29.04.2010 - 20:30 (Zaal M | Salle M)
In Spanish (translation NL | FR)

Rodrigo García: C'est comme ça et me faites pas chier

18, 19 & 20.05.2010 - 20:30 (Terarken)
In French (translation NL)

Olga Mesa: Suite au dernier mot : au fond tout est en surface

03 & 04.06.2010 - 20:30 (Auditorium Paul Willems)
In French (translation NL)

La Ribot: Laughing Hole

Wed 16.06.2010 - 18:00 (Terarken)

Esther Ferrer

Sun 20.06.2010 - 20:30 (Terarken)