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02 Apr 2010

Mousse | April-May 2010 | Out Now!

Stuart Sherman, Eleventh Spectacle, 1978. © Babette Mangolte.
All Rights of Reproduction Reserved.

Mousse Magazine | New Issue | No. 23
Mousse Magazine



+39 02 8356631

Via Col di Lana, 12
20136 Milan

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In Issue 23:

_Josef Strau’s method of writing borders on automatism: theory, revelations, doubts, wisdom, anecdotes… An interview conducted by Dominic Eichler helps us understand the genesis of this unstoppable stream of prose, incorporated into lamp sculptures.

_Gedi Sibony and Kai Althoff got together to talk about how exhibition spaces are filled, but then they started to explore more personal realms… We’ve published their exchange, an uncertain but completely authentic verbal terrain.

_Frustrated by the conservatism of the art market in the ’80s, the NY-based Group Material worked together on social and political projects. Jonathan Griffin retraces the history – with its leaps and contradictions – of this collective, which continues to inspire the latest generation of artists and curators.

_Anselm Franke talked to Peter Friedl for PART OF THE PROCESS. The result is a conversation that spans from the tableaux vivants in his latest project, Bilbao Song, to the artist’s general method of “rewriting” images.

_For HARK! Jennifer Allen looks at the tube through the eyes of a TV virgin, who discovers the atrocious yet irresistible acting of Sarah Jessica Parker and the voice of Bart Simpson…

_Francesca Boenzi encounters Hito Steyerl to discuss her areas of interest, which include the biography of objects and the use of documentary practices as a means of artistic emancipation.

_Dan Kidner analyzes the films of Melanie Gilligan, in which the actors’ bodies physically manifest the effects of economic and social superstructures, amid analysts sent into a trance by market data and personifications of the global economy.

_Massimiliano Gioni and Jeffrey Deitch talk about curating, in an animated conversation that reveals their respective methods and heroes.

_How much does São Paulo weigh? Lara Almárcegui has put the physical matter of civilization on the scale. Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna, from Latitudes, describe her artistic practice in PORTFOLIO.

_Jonathan Berger sheds light on the stages used for Stuart Sherman’s performances: the folding tables where the artist manipulated familiar or unfamiliar objects. A new incarnation of LOST AND FOUND, which includes a portfolio by Babette Mangolte on the artist’s performances.

_Nikolas Gambaroff’s work emerges from a shifting ground that elides commonly assumptions about painting. Nick Mauss ventures into a conversation with the artist.

_Who are gallerists today? And what do they think of artists? Massimo De Carlo and Massimo Minini try to explain, in BEYOND.


Reporting from…

_BERLIN: Paolo Caffoni asks Clemens von Wedemeyer about the purpose behind his sophisticated tricks.
_LONDON: Alli Beddoes is intrigued by how Lucy Clout and Ruth Buchanan independently explore the same themes of performativity and the object.
_NEW YORK: Michael Portnoy is a bomb. And his conversation with Raimundas Malasauskas is explosive.
_LOS ANGELES: Is Joel Kyack an heir to Thoreau? That’s how it would seem, according to a convincing investigation by Andrew Berardini.
_PARIS: Lili Reynaud Dewar expands on her own biography and explains to Alexis Vaillant how it can be incorporated into art that is political, but though indirect routes.


_Barbara Casavecchia takes a closer look at Petrit Halilaj’s chicken coops and discovers metaphors for a Kosovo in migration.
_Mario Garcia Torres writes to Barry Le Va in CURATOR'S CORNER.
_Books are useless objects, according to Oscar Tuazon. But the artist can’t do without them, and has even written a work of “experimental” fiction. He talks about it in a conversation with Esperanza Rosales.
_Christiane Rakade meets up with Özlem Altin to explore how two-dimensional images can move through space.
_In INTRODUCING, Francesco Arena and Patrizio Di Massimo discover that that they have common interests that range from drawing to Italian history…


Mousse Is an Independent Publishing Project:

Mousse makes zines, catalogues, artist books and editions, working together with galleries, institutions, museums and artists.

New titles:

_Massimo Minini, Pizzini – Sentences on Conceptual Artists (and Others)* among which: Carla Accardi | Vito Acconci | Lucio Amelio | Robert Barry | Gabriele Basilico | Vanessa Beecroft | Alighiero Boetti | George Brecht | Daniel Buren | James Lee Byars | Luciano Fabro | Hans-Peter Feldmann | Yona Friedman | Alberto Garutti | Dan Graham | Peter Halley | Anish Kapoor | Sol LeWitt | Manfred Pernice | Emilio Prini | Gerard Richter | Tino Sehgal | Nedko Solakov | Ian Wilson | Francesca Woodman and many more...

_The forth issue of Peep-Hole Sheets featuring an unpublished text by Jonathan Horowitz.

_Little Constellation: Contemporary Art in Geo-cultural Micro-areas and Small States of Europe. Book/Catalogue of the omonimous exhibition.

_Miart Magazine #05: Picture the Change 3. Magazine realized on occasion of the fifteenth edition of Milan’s International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair.

Coming Soon:

_Taking over the former Dia Building in Chelsea, X was a one-year long temporary initiative promoting one of the most intriguing and original exhibitions and events in New York. The upcoming publication is the X yearbook. Edited by Cecilia Alemani and Elizabeth Dee

_Soft Information in Your Hard Facts: catalogue to be published on the occasion of Gabriel Kuri upcoming show at Museion, Bolzano. Edited by Vincenzo de Bellis. Texts by Vincenzo de Bellis, Letizia Ragaglia and Catherine Wood.

_Alicja Kwade. Broken away from common standpoints. Catalogue of the exhibition held at Peep-Hole, Milan and Museion, Bolzano, in the context of the project Six Ways to Sunday.

_Emanuele Becheri. Hauntology. Catalogue of the exhibition at MAN, Nuoro.

_Seven Little Mistakes. Catalogue of the exhibition at Museo Marino Marini, Florence. Featured artists: Sunah Choi | Kit Craig | Isabelle Cornaro | Simon Fujiwara & Tim Davies | Falke Pisano | Alexandre Singh | Simon Wachsmuth.