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28 Mar 2010

Outpost for Contemporary Art: Thank You by Paul Pescador

Photo documenting the production of Thank You by Paul Pescador (2010)



Julie Deamer
(323) 982-9461

1268 North Ave 50 at York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042

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SAY SOMETHING, Outpost's Storefront Window Shade Project
Thank You by Paul Pescador

March 20 - June 19, 2010

Outpost is pleased to launch our storefront window project with Thank You by Paul Pescador, a Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker.

For Thank You the artist has collected and transcribed thank you letters onto Outpost's front window shade. Each letter is hand written and was given to him from both donors and receivers of the text. The large 9x5 foot installation contains over a hundred letters and the subject matter of each varies from the sincere to the banal. The letters came from people who live in Northeast Los Angeles. Through the quantity of text, Thank You explores how social networks and communal environments interact.

Paul Pescador is interested in the thank you letter as the supplemental acknowledgment of a gesture that has already occurred. Most of these letters were originally written to be private. By placing them in a storefront window, in a public setting, he is consciously examining and invading the privacy of each letter. By removing full names or keeping the text anonymous, the gesture is reflected back onto the viewer of artwork. A thank you letter from Outpost for Contemporary Art to the neighborhood.

Paul Pescador is a Studio Art MFA candidate at University of California, Irvine. His actions, gestures and performances deal with issues of social disconnection and communal space. He has most recently exhibited at Performing Public Space at Casa de Tunnel, Tijuana, Mexico and Workspace Selects at House of Genesee, Los Angeles, CA. He is also the co-director of workspace, a project space in Lincoln Heights.

Join us at Outpost HQ, on April 17, 2010, 3pm, for SATURDAY VISITS with Paul Pescador to hear the artist discuss this work as well as other recent projects.

For more information about Outpost, please contact Julie Deamer, Director, Outpost for Contemporary Art, at

Outpost HQ
1268 N. Ave 50 Los Angeles, CA 90042
office (323) 982-9461