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21 Mar 2010

Less is More Projects at Chic Drawing Art Fair, Paris

Iain Hector, On Every Street in Every City, 2009.
Screenprint on paper, 2 colours, 70x50 cm. Edition of 25.
Courtesy of the artist.

Less is More Projects presents 'The Collection of the late Mister X, or the advantages of being a collector' at Chic Drawing Art Fair, Paris
Less is More Projects


LESS IS MORE PROJECTS: BOOTH 19 CHIC DRAWING ART FAIR: 60 Rue de Richelieu / Paris 02 / France Opening hours:
Fri 26 March to Sun 28 March 11am-8pm
Mon 29 March 11am-4pm


+ 33 6 74 15 43 94

Less is More Projects
52 rue Montcalm
75018 Paris

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For Chic Drawing Art Fair, Less is More Projects presents an exhibition project especially adapted to the context of this art fair: a showcase of contemporary drawings. Curators have responded with an unconventional exhibition that, as the title suggests, will recreate an allegorical stage set where the portrait of an imaginary collector and the sale of his contemporary art collection are presented.

'The collection', writes Pascal Griener, 'is an essentially ephemeral phenomenon. Death, the great auctioneer, orchestrates its inception and its end, dissolving the patiently constituted groups of works. Each objects is then released to a temporary freedom, and speaks to a new generation of art lovers.'

Visitors are invited to share, to learn and to see the privacy of collecting through the eyes of a collector.

Alongside the interior decoration and furniture, the selected artworks will transform the space into a domestic ambience; a room in the appartment of the mysterious collector, Mister X.

The identity of Mister X, his obsessive character, lifestyle and passions, will compose the story of this exhibition. The installation will have a closer resemblance to a small film set rather than a conventional art display.

Throughout his lifetime, Mister X had devoted much of his time, and considerable passion, to the process of collecting works of art. His varied aesthetic pleasures, in-depth cultural knowledge and sophisticated eye guided him through what were still largely unchartered waters.

Curators Alberto Brusamolino, Paolo Giardi et Michel Boubon are the culprits of this meticulous staging .


The artists included in the exhibition are: Phil Ashcroft, Rodolphe Auté, Michel Boubon, Alberto Brusamolino, Hervé Garcia, Paolo Giardi, Ian Gonczarow, Iain Hector, Susana Lamberti, Alicia Nauta and Ceal Warnants.


Less is More Projects is an office space, a future looking glass door, a form of intervention, initiated end 2009 and run by artists Alberto Brusamolino and Michel Boubon with the worthy collaboration of an old friend, artist and shadow consultant, Paolo Giardi.

Without a permanent physical space and based in Paris, Less is More Projects is not representing any artist but creates exhibitions and situations out of the walls of its office. The gallery appears and disappears, it's everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We would like to suggest a new approch of art production, presentation and consumption, another way to do and to show.

First stage of this adventure was the launch of Less is More Projects at Slick 09 Art Fair in Paris with 'Wish You Were Here' as the inaugural exhibition. December 2009, Less is More Projects has launched the editions section presenting its first limited edition prints by artist Paolo Giardi.

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