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05 Mar 2010

Maximilian Moll at Kunstverein Ruhr

@ m.moll, 'Keep The Fire Burning'

Keep The Fire Burning
Kunstverein Ruhr


March 7 to April 18 2010

Maximilian Moll presents his award-winning installation at the Kunstverein Ruhr, 45127 Essen, Germany ( Cultural Capital of Europe 2010)
Opening hours:
Tue - Fri 12 - 19 h
Sat + Sun 12 - 17 h

Mechthild Aderholz
00 49 201 61619885
00 49 201 61619886

Kunstverein Ruhr
Kopstadtplatz 12
45127 Essen

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Maximilian Moll will show his video installation 'Keep The Fire Burning', which was realized through the Video Art Award Bremen, at the Kunstverein Ruhr in Essen.

The defining element of the installation is fire. Focusing on this, the artist stages an exhibition space with multiple projections on fire and plays with the element's different qualities and meanings. Whether campfire, candlelight, inferno or fire blasts -the relationship of mankind to this element has always been ambivalent. With his installation, Maximilian Moll conveys the experience of our cultural history in short. Starting with the first spark of a match, the reassuring flame turns into a wild inferno. Bundles of dollar bills and objects like cars, warships and houses are burned and finally end in a last major explosion.

The installation is designed to have the fire surround the audience from three sides. The drama is supported by a broad cinematic soundtrack. Moll's video installation manages to create a multi-faceted resonance, in which personal memories are stimulated and connected with the fire images to effect a particular form of aesthetic experience.

Earlier works by the artist were exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Cologne, Norway and Iceland. Additionally, Maximilian Moll's films have been shown at International Film Festivals in Berlin, Cannes, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

The Video Art Award Bremen jury recognized great filmic maturity in Maximilian Moll's video works. 'In his dramatic compositions he proves his talent, to form narrative structures with great simplicity in an immediate, almost natural use of complex contents. Here he sometimes experiments with seemingly contingent cutting consequences and a range of visual material. The often dominant, although precise rhythm, stops the images from circling in the illustrative, but stretches the atmosphere beyond the pictorial space. '

Kunstverein Ruhr will show the installation in their space with big windows towards the city center's streets, so that the installation will become part of the exterior as well, especially at night times.

Curator Peter Friese