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16 Dec 2010

Osman Dinc: L'age de fer. tam tam at Berlin Art Projects

Osman Dinc: Matrice © Berlin Art Projects/ Osman Dinc

Berlin Art Projects I Project Space I Auguststraße 50 B


December 18, 2010 - January 31, 2011 Opening Hours: Mo - Fr 11 - 19 h Sa 12 - 18 h and by appointment

Anna v. Bodungen
+49 (0)30 24087606 0
+49 (0)30 24087606 20

Berlin Art Projects
Auguststraße 50 B
D - 10119 Berlin

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Osman Dinc: L'age de fer. tam tam at Berlin Art Projects

18 DECEMBER 2010 – 31 JANUARY 2011

Berlin Art Projects are delighted to invite you to the opening of the solo exhibition by Osman Dinç on Friday, 17 December, at 19 – 21. The gallery is putting on this young Turkish artist's first solo exhibition in Germany, entitled 'L'age de fer. Tam Tam.'

The creations of Osman Dinç emerge as clear forms in space, like musical notes on a silent sheet, repeating themselves in harmony. There is something playful and light about them: the surrender of the iron to the artist's hands, which transform its coarseness into fine, stylised forms and show the tender face of metal. In his work one finds the remnants of Dinç's childhood in nature; the traces of an iconoclastic, Islamic education or the influence that his visits to the Museum of Archeology in Ankara exerted on him. And whilst that may bear truth, it does not bear relevance. Dinç is interested in meeting the medium: this is a kind of ceremony performed by an artist who wants to 'waste nothing'. Iron is part of life – a constituent part of the planet. The statues are the materialisation of the wish to create from raw material with the least possible intervention. The tranquillity of the work is interrupted by the appearance of forms creating a composition through repetition, in which each work adds to the previous. There is no narrative but a chain of events interlinked in time. In this sense, Dinç's creative work is an incomplete process that in its development always points to the past. The forms which the artist creates, even the most minimal abstraction, recall tools employed in a rural environment. They are archetypical figures from all cultures, rooted somewhere in our collective memory. In a sort of return to the beginnings, Dinç appears to bring them out of the depths of oblivion to give them a home in the world of today. A sense of humour is present too: the artist has added to the title of the exhibition the onomatopoeic echo of pompous presentation, to prevent it from becoming too earnest and archaic.

Osman Dinç
(*1948, Turkey) completed his studies in painting in 1969 at the school of Gazi. In 1972 he moved to Paris, where he studied at Paris Academy of Fine Arts. In 1993 he won the UNESCO price. His work is displayed at international institutions such as the museum of modern art in Taipeh, the museum of art in Tokio and Instanbul Modern, as well as at the 4th Biennale of Istanbul. In 2003 he participated in the first international stone sculpture symposium at the University of Hacettepe. Since 1977 he has worked as a teacher at Ecole Nationale De Beaux-Art Bourges in Paris.