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27 Nov 2010

Skup Palet presents: A RESONANT TOMB by Barrie James Sutcliffe

Barrie James Sutcliffe

A Resonant Tomb
Barrie James Sutcliffe


Open from Nov. 27 to Dec. 12 2010 Tue–Thu 14–18, Sat–Sun 12–16 Vernissage Nov. 27 16:00 - 20:00 with performance at 19:00 Seminar Dec. 12, time tba

Barrie James Sutcliffe

Hey! It's Enrico Pallazzo
Sockerbruket 20-22
414 51 Göteborg

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A Resonant Tomb' is a sound installation about distance, either through space, time, medium, or death. How does the shape of our longings persist over time? How does it change—would we be able to recognize it?

Through the use of two opposing radio stations on the same frequency, 'A Resonant Tomb' provides us room to contemplate the difficulty of communication and separating signal from noise. Moving through this space, we are aware of our own body's affect on our surroundings and of the information passing through us. The old, not yet dead, media plays with our memories, crackling with the nostalgic resonating echoes of that which was, that which could be, and that which has been only a comfortable dream.

This installation has been produced especially for the cavernous post-industrial space at Hey! It's Enrico Pallazzo.

The vernissage will see a performance by Sutcliffe's noise project You Are Dissolved. On the closing day of the exhibition we will be holding a seminar on the exhibition and the ideas that surround it. Please check the website for announcement about times and selected readings.

Barrie James Sutcliffe is a Canadian multimedia artist. He is currently based in Göteborg, Sweden and is a visiting lecturer at Valand School of Fine Arts at Göteborg University.

About Skup Palet

Skup Palet is an idea; an idea that art should serve a function and provide alternative thought, as a tool to articulate knowledge from a specialist field. Skup Palet can be a place, a one person initiative or a group collaboration. Skup Palet provides a context to investigate something without constraints and without the limiting framework of reaching a finished product or tangible result. It can also be a conversation, a piece of music, a drawing, a resistance or a fleeting thought. Skup Palet aims to facilitate opportunities for practioners to assume other identities and access other communities and forums to engage in dialogue to inspire new perspectives.

Skup Palet believe that art doesn't have to be dictated by a commission with a finished product in mind. They believe in adopting a more experimental process that permeates and shapes ideas and works as much as any commission. Contemporary art attempts to mimic or assimilate itself into a pre-existing Western mode of production, as if by necessity. But are there are other ways to do this? An answer could be to create an unassailable space for unnecessary things. Creative thinking doesn't necessarily need consensus, but relies on collective action.

Skup Palet isn't a gallery but has a gallery space. They are currently based at Hey, It's Enrico Pallazzo, in Gothenburg, Sweden, contributing to a network of commercial creators and clients, both private and public. This allows them to access knowledge and technical resources in exchange for their own skills. Co-operating with private enterprises can be as much a tool for artistic freedom as a government commission, with all that such political enterprises entail.