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28 Jan 2010

Mousse Magazine | New Issue | No. 22

Photo: Guy de Cointet, Two Drawings, 1974
Courtesy: Guy de Cointet Estate and Air De Paris, Paris

Mousse | February- March 2010 | Out Now!



+39 02 8356631

Mousse Magazine
Via Arena, 23

20123 Milan


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In Issue 22...

_Anthony Huberman asks Alex Hubbard about his recent videos, starring objects that push, pull, crash, slide, and roll up against each other.

_Isa Genzken met with Simon Denny at a restaurant in Berlin to walk through her latest show together. The conversation that took place ranged from her early work to her most recent exhibitions.

_Ana Teixeira Pinto asks Stephen Sutcliffe about his short, yet poignantly poetic films.

_In PORTFOLIO, Kirsty Bell explains why Manuel Graf’s high-heeled shoes could be seen as illustrating the relationship between individuals and society.

_In PART OF THE PROCESS, Francesco Manacorda, Suzanne Cotter, Alex Farquharson and Andrea Viliani elucidate us on the production of "Common Task", an ambitious work by Paweł Althamer that takes the form of a science-fiction film in real time, shot between Brussels, Brasilia and Mali.

_John Gerrard inspires Jennifer Allen to ask a question: what would happen if an artwork were completely indifferent to our presence?

_Luigi Fassi analyzes the work of New Orleans artist Rashaad Newsome, whose investigation of issues related to cultural identity has been focusing on the gestural language of African-American women.

_For REPRINT, Stuart Baily has selected an extract of the much-talked-about /So Many Books: Reading and Publishing in an Age of Abundance/, by Gabriel Zaid.

_LOST AND FOUND features Guy de Cointet (1934 – 1983), the artist who attempted to turn language into a visual experience. By Matthew Brannon.

_As part of his attempt to spur artists to speak in new ways, writer Andrew Berardini invited Neïl Beloufa to do a slideshow of both literal and metaphorical images, drawn from his work and from the morass of pop, to offer insight into his practice.

_Chiara Leoni interviewed Lars Laumann to learn that there is nothing unnatural about obsessions and eccentricities.

_Dieter Roelstraete and Monika Szewczyk had a conversation about animal imagery, a ubiquitous presence in contemporary art in the past few years.

_Stefan Hedeinreich composes an allegory about the return of aesthetics and its relationship to the subject.

_Artist’s Project: Stephen Prina

Reporting from...

NEW YORK_ Cecilia Alemani and Erica Baum browse through the index of the artist's latest work.
LOS ANGELES_ Jens Hoffmann encounters Kelly Nipper, an artist who has made the analysis of human movement the foundation of her work.
BERLIN_ Judith Hopf explains to Stefania Palumbo how stupidity can become a subject of philosophical and artistic investigation.
LONDON_ Gregorio Magnani meets up with Juliette Blightman.
PARIS_ Francesca di Nardo interviews Etienne Chambaud.


_Gigiotto Del Vecchio explores the unusual blend of classical precision and chaotic energy in Ida Ekblad’s work.
_Andrea Lissoni on Phillip Warnell.
_Katerina Gregos offers us an overview of new works that fall within the vast scope of postcolonial artistic discourse.
_Danilo Correale explains his skepticism about images as representation to Roberta Tenconi in INTRODUCING.
_The political fairy tales of Yael Bartana in conversation with Sebastian Cichocki.


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