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23 Jul 2009

DIE FABRIKANTEN: Call for proposals and artistical/curatorial ideas

# hot issues, bold and fresh art forms #


New Festival 2010:
Call for proposals and artistical/curatorial ideas

Submission Deadline 09.09.09

+43 (0)732 795684

Promenade 15
4020 Linz

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Do you want to be part of a brandnew Europe wide festival dedicated to hot issues and bold and fresh art forms? In 2010, it is for the very first time that such a festival takes place simultaneously in a variety of European countries.

1. Calling for Ideas

By September 9th, 2009 let us know your sketchy project ideas and send them to Please, also include a short biography. The selected ideas will be published in January 2010 in a large format magazine EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS Part #1, which preliminary will refine the main topic of EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS. The magazine will be widely spread to respective art facilities all over Europe. An allowance will be provided to the author of each selected proposal.

2. Looking for partners

We want you, as a cultural operator, to co-organise this festival in 2010 in the course of the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013. Please drop us a line:

Submission Deadline 09.09.09

New spaces to be explored, transformed and opened up... Spaces to be redefined... All places where people meet and intense encounters take place... Places where people collide, willingly or - unwillingly... All those single nano-seconds, that can only show their true meaning in the inter- and ex-change with other humans, spaces and moments and only then unfolding their most radical impact. (Radical in this context to be understood as: exhaustive, completely, ultimately, carried out to the extremes).

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